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Make a simple cloth cover for your notebooks by learning how to make it yourself. Finally, discover how you may customise your book covers with valuable extras, such as pockets and name tags.

It’s Easy to Make a Paper Cover

Make the cover of your book out of paper of your choosing. Make a paper cover for your book if it doesn’t have a cover or if you want to preserve your textbooks. You may use various materials to protect your books, including old or foreign newspapers, maps, sheet music, and even a brown paper bag. If you’re making a cover for a bigger book, you’ll need a lot of paper. It must be at least twice as long as your book and three inches taller than your book to meet this requirement.

  • Using the book’s dimensions, cut the paper to the appropriate size. Lay the book open and use a measuring tape or ruler to determine its breadth. Then, add 6 inches and 3 inches to each side of the book to cover it completely. Add 3 inches to the book’s height, plus 1 and half inches for the top and bottom covers.
  • Mark your cover measurements in pencil using a ruler before slicing your paper to size with a good pair of scissors.
  • Keep the book laid out such that the cover’s edge is aligned with a prior crease that was made in a bag or on your paper. If your paper is already tattered, placing it on the book’s edge will make it more likely to tear.
  • Fold the paper 1/4 inch above and below the book’s top and bottom margins. Close your book and place it in the centre of the page. To ensure that the book will fit within the cover, lightly outline the top and bottom edges of the book and then add an additional 1/4 inches. Make a crease where you marked the paper by folding it up to the area where you marked it before removing the book from the paper. You may repeat this method by folding your paper in half and making a crease approximately 1/4 inch from the top of your book.
  • Fold your paper’s creases one more time to make sure they are crisp and clean looking. If you’re using heavier paper, more care should be taken to ensure that your creases are neat. 
  • Using duct tape, secure both the top and bottom folds of the cover. The folds you’ve just formed should be taped down with double-sided tape so that they don’t flop around. Once the book is covered, the double-sided tape will keep the cover in place. You’ll need about three inches of space on each side of your cover for your book to fit.
  • Prepare the book’s sides by folding the pages in half. Open the book flat on the paper and position it so that the flaps on both sides are the same size. Make a crease in the paper on the right side of the book by pressing the book down and folding the paper over the right side of the book. Use the side of your pen or the bone folder to go over the crease one more time softly. The wrinkles should not be too heavy to fit the cover’s thickness.
  • Closing the book with the flap on the right side requires wrapping the paper around the book and marking where the final flap will be folded. Crease the flap on the left side of the book once you’ve taken it out of the paper. Remember to keep the crease lighter as you go over it with your bone folder or pen a second time.
  • Fit your book onto the cover. Place the book’s back inside the paper book covers fold from the rear. Then, using the paper cover as a guide, wrap the book around itself and tuck the top cover into the front of the cover.

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