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How Much To Spend On Amazon Listing Photos Or Product Photography?How Much To Spend On Amazon Listing Photos Or Product Photography?

When we talk about selling on an online platform, the best way to attract and grab the potential buyers and turn viewers into customers is to showcase your product perfectly! High-quality listing photos reflect your product correctly. And if your online platform is Amazon, A massive margin of your product’s success depends on “Amazon Listing Photos or “Product Photography.”

 New Seller Or Sellers To Be, Pay Attention!

You must have heard the importance of Amazon listing photos. The listing photos are the extract of expert designing, photography, creativity, and experience. There are many ways to get or generate the best quality listing photos! But it all depends on your budget to select an option.

If you are a video person, check this out, a video made by our CEO, Kamaljit Singh and Brand Relations Manager, Lailama Hasan.

? Who Can You Contact For Listing Images?

Listing Images are the department of graphic designers, freelancers, or service provider agencies.

The work of different service providers would differ depending on their skill sets and so as your budget. Designers or agencies with low rates might not provide you the quality work you were supposed to have. There are many options like fiverr, upwork. AMZ One Step is the most trusted agency in listing photos. So, the question arises,

? How Do You Budget Your Listing Images?

It can go anywhere from 100$ to 3000$ depending on the quality, quantity, expertise, and the additional props expenses. So, You must include an Amazon Product Photography budget section in your budgeting program.

Ways To Generate Images:

Listing images that appear on amazon are most likely to come from two sources. These sources are,

  • Stock Images
  • Real Life Photography

You can estimate which option you are going to choose after reading the full blog. It depends on your product and budget criteria to choose from these options wisely.

? The Idea of Stock Images!

First of all, if you don’t know what stock images are?

Stock Images are licensed, high-quality images that you can use in your listing images, designs, and various purposes. These images can be used as a perfect alternative to real-life photography in certain situations.

Who Should Go For Stock Listing Image Designing?

Stock Images are the best option for Sellers with a low budget for Listing images,  introducing a product variation, or launching a new product.

Sellers with small products or generic products like watches, plant pots, etc. can find hundreds of lifestyle stock images for generic products that can easily create fantastic listing images.

Stock Images To Listing  Photos:

Stocks Images are the licensed lifestyle images we already know this. You can fit your product in those images and create blasting photos with a really low budget.

Hire a creative graphic designer, freelancer, or give your project to a reliable service provider or agency. They will accurately photoshop your product in the stock Images, and here you go!

There are different reliable stock images sources, such as shutter stock, Adobe stock, Fotolia, etc. If you are taking Stock Images as the source of your listing images, you dont have to pay for it. The professional service providers will already have access to it.


Oh yeah, again, there is a question where our budget will fall if we choose the option to take already stocked images. In stock images, we save the expenses of photography and all the criteria that play an essential role for perfect photography.

So, the overall budget that will lie in this course would be between 100$ – 400$. This difference depends on the skillset and the quality of the work that a service provider offers.

If someone is offering to complete your work for 100$, keep in mind that it will not meet high quality and professionalism standards. If you pay 300$ to 400$ for the same job, you will be surprised by the blending of images, quality, creativity, and professionalism.

The designing of listing images includes a pack of 7 images per project. It consists of the main image, lifestyle images, infographics, etc.

Always clarify the number of images before purchasing any plan for your Amazon listing images. If you need more than seven images, you must tell your service provider for better communication.

Let’s talk about Revisions:

All service providers mention how many revisions they do for your project according to the pricing plan. Some agencies and service providers offer unlimited revision to their customers up to their satisfaction. In contrast, others offer only 2 or 3 revisions, and after this revision, they charge you an additional cost for revisions.

Clarify each and everything before you hand over your project to an agency or service provider to keep the budget in control with the ideal listing images you might think of.

? The idea of Real Life Photography!

Clicking your product’s photos and bring life into them is an art and a proper job! It needs a lot of effort and appropriate criteria. For product photography, you need main images with white background and several lifestyle images showing all the aspects of your product’s feature in real life.

Who Should Go For Product Photography?

Sellers with a considerable budget and unique products should consider the option of real-life photography because you will not be able to find suitable photos in stock images.

Seek A Creative  professional:

I recommend you contact some reliable agency for product photography because they have proper studios for hero shots of your product, models, props, additional costs, and a professional photography attitude.


Here comes the budget! Product photography can be significantly fluctuating between 1000$ to 4000$.

For example, you have a dog-related product. You will need a dog, comes with an additional fee of dog parent, plus a model fee and a lot of time because you cannot control them. The same goes for the baby’s product. It increases the expenses a bit. Similarly, if you have only color and size variations of a product, you can just photoshop it because doing an entirely different photoshoot will only increase expenses.

But when you have invested the money in renting proper props, places, or studio, hired the model and all the additional stuff that was required,

Do an extensive photoshoot, take as many photos as you can, and take your time as long as you can take because you can not go back to take more pictures or change it, so make sure you do it in one go!

Secondly, It will lessen post-production work.

Working with a professional agency will cover almost all things. You will have an excellent ready to go listing photos package, including the main image, lifestyle, infographics, and comparative photos.

Let’s Sum it up:

Launching a new product or introducing a product’s variation can cost you from 100$ to thousands of dollars (3000-4000)! So it will be perfect if you take every step keeping your product and budget in mind.

If you are on the lower side of the budget and with a generic product, just use the stock photos and designer’s photoshop skills. It will cost you from 100 – 400 dollars—these price fluctuations depending on the service provider’s skill set. Experts will do it under 300-400 dollars, and you will love it.

If you have any electronics item or any unique product with a higher budget range, It will be best to go for product photography. However, it can cost you from 1000-3000$ depending on the product’s nature and additional photoshoot costs. Extensive photography will lessen your post-production work, and you will have amazing photos.

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