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Last Night I unintentionally heard my daughter’s phone call conversation with her friend and I didn’t sleep a wink. I was so worried that  I almost knocked at her door two times, late at night to ask about the phone call. She was discussing how to file a complaint against cyberbullying and what is the detailed procedure. First thing in the morning, I had a sincere mother-daughter talk, and it was revealed that the call was about her newly transferred student and as a class representative, she is being nice to help her in this personal issue. I told her to leave that matter to me. Anyways this makes me realize that the online world is too much of a dangerous place for kids especially teen girls. Anyone has access to the internet and they take the screen as a cover and use it for evil purposes. So to avoid all this anxiety and stress I have found a solution by doing research all night long as I could not sleep and am gonna share it with you guys as well.

Don’t worry it’s easy and simple. Have a parental control app. There are a lot of apps available but you can try The OgyMogy spy app. It offers enormous features that will help you to keep an eye on your teenage life and make your life less stressful.

The Messenger Monitoring:

Kids are into these online messenger apps that are now mostly used for online communication. You can have a call and even a group call by using these apps. For example, Whatsapp has this group call and a voice call option that allows the user to audio or video call the other person. The app offers WhatsApp spy app that gives remote access to the voice logbook of the target person. You will know who is contacting them on Whatsapp, Sending any kind of malicious content, or using abusive language. Thus keep an eye on the Whatsapp chatbox, call record, and media shared folder and notice any bully on time.

Check The Browsing History Details:

OgyMogy offers the track internet browsing history feature for users. It allows the user to remotely .check all the websites visited by the target person at any time. So keep an eye on the browsing tabs and with the help of monitoring apps make sure they are not into adult content or malicious sites like dating apps etc. Keep an eye on their interests and moods by knowing what kind of web material are they visiting and downloading. This feature also gives access to the bookmarked folder of the target person.

Keep Tabs On The Social Media Platforms:

There is this cool trend among kids these days. They share every mere second of their life with the world through social media. That is fun for them but some obsessed followers or psychopaths can use that information against them. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the teen’s online activities and make sure they don’t share personal information online and become the victim of cyberbullying. The spy apps offer like the Instagram app, Twitter, Facebook app, snapchat spy app, Viber spy app, Skype spy app, and many more. So keep an eye on their activities, post, and every kind of media shared through these apps and assure their online safety with The OgyMogy spy app.

Monitor the Email-Communication:

Another best feature of The spy app is the keylogging feature. This feature records all the keystrokes applied to the target person. Thus users have remote access to all the accounts, id’s and passwords related to the target gadget. So now you have access to the email, gmails communication, inbox items, sent folder, drafts, and attachments details, etc. So make sure no one approaches your kid through this medium with any evil intentions and assures the online safety of your child with the parental control app.

OgyMogy offers different packages. Select the package that suits yourself the most in terms of offered features. Next step is installation. Install the app in the smartphone or laptop or pc systems by following easy steps and that’s all. Now you have remote access to the target person device and can know about their routine and interest.

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