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How often should you groom your dog

This is a question that a lot of people with dogs tend to think about. It’s perfectly sensible and normal to worry about proper grooming of your pet because it is directly linked to their emotional happiness and all-around health. But, with that being said, the short answer to the question ‘How often should you groom your dog?’ is – ‘It depends’. There are a lot of factors that play into grooming schedules and they should and must be different, depending on the dog’s breed, their age, activity levels and if there are some illness present, to that as well. So, to help you answer these questions, we’ve divided this article into a few main categories – showering, hair cutting, hair brushing, ear cleaning & nail trimming. And now let’s see how often you should do it.


There’s an unwritten rule about dog showers. You shouldn’t bathe them more often than once a month. The only exception is if they begin to smell or are very dirty. However, recurring instances of bad smells can indicate a condition so if your dog doesn’t do anything outdoors nor live very actively, you should check it with a vet to know the answer.

Getting back to how often it should be done, make sure to avoid washing them more often than once in 4 weeks. Doing so is harmful to their skin & coat as it strips it of oils.

Hair cutting

This is solely dependent on the breed and your personal preferences. Someone like a Weimaraner might not need hair cutting whilst a Sheepdog could become a fluffball pretty quickly if you don’t trim their hair on the regular. You can take them to a grooming centre or a SPA to get it cut but a lot of owners take it upon themselves to carry out this task. Most of the time, young and active dogs need trimming more often whilst it is also important to factor in your allergy and whether the dog tends to play outdoors (long hair – higher chance of a tick going undetected).

Once every 4-8 weeks seems like the optimal choice.

Hair brushing

Brushing is one of those things that every dog needs. Regardless of the hair length, it is necessary to brush them because this removes any kind of dead hair that might be left on their coat. It’s also important for the distribution of oils and helps stimulate the skin for a better, more noticeable glow.

All things considered, you should do it at least twice a week, no matter how long is the coat. Breeds like Collies and other pups with long hair might require daily brushing.

Ear cleaning

Ears are a vital organ for all mammals, dogs included. However, when compared to us, humans, dogs are much more adept hearers and rely on their ears for much more information. This is why an ear infection or any other problems with the ear is particularly nasty for pups. Cleaning the ears will help protect the ears from inflammation, infection or itchiness. It also helps the pup hear better.

How often should you do it? About every 10 days at least. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the ear for ticks or something unusual every time you clean them. Go slow and make sure to avoid using Q-tips.

Nail trimming

Moving over to our final part of the grooming advice, you might also be wondering about how often to trim dog nails? Once again – perfectly viable question.

How often to trim depends on the age, activity levels, living environment and the breed of the pup. On average, it is said that you should trim the nails every two weeks. Be precise and slow while doing it. It’s better to use a large dog nail grinder rather than clippers.



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