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Acne- The Reasons and Remedies of it

Nowadays, we see a variety of remedies for a condition named acne. It is of vital importance to find out what acne is. Studies suggest that acne is a skin condition that takes place when the hair follicles get covered with dead skin cells and oil. Blackheads and whiteheads are caused as a result of acne. Mostly teenagers are affected by acne. So, let us find out what causes it.

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Teenagers also encounter problems like inner thigh chafing that causes formation of acne like boils. However, there is no concrete proof supporting it.

1. Menstruation- Research says that menstruating girls are more prone to acne than others. The hormone level tends to fluctuate during the time of periods, thus triggering the production of excess oil, also known as sebum. So, women suffer from acne during periods.

2. Hormones– The androgenic hormones become typically active during teenage. So, teenagers are affected by hormones more frequently than others.

3. Clothings- Certain items of clothing, such as headgear and sports helmets trigger acne.

4. Food– Rich and spicy food such as pizza and pasta cause acne.

5. Cosmetics– Many cosmetics have a drying effect on the skin. Then, the irritated skin starts producing more sebum, thus causing acne.

6. Stress– Many people are stressed by the smallest pimple and start picking at them. This act leads to acne.

Treatment of acne-

Acne is controllable, if not curable. Let us find out how to control acne.

1. Retinoids– Retinoids are synthetic derivatives of vitamin A. They stimulate the production of collagen, thus reducing wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. So, retinoids are the first step towards treating acne.

2. Not fidgeting with pimples – Dermatologists warn people never to pick at their pimples. If an acne lesion is picked by mistakes, it will take longer to heal than a normal pimple. There are high chances of a picked acne lesion scarring.

3. Apply Tea tree oil– Tea tree oil is likely to lower the level of bacteria that causes acne.

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Conclusion- Our appearance is an integral part of our identity. Acne mars that appearance. Once we know the causes of acne, it becomes easier to cure it.

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