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Storage Units

When you are looking for storage units for business, the first thing that comes to your mind is security. Although there are a  lot of storage units that swear by their security system, it is mandatory that you check their surveillance yourself. Storage Plus is one such company that pays utmost attention to security. Click here to know more about it:,

Security, Personnel And Access

Most of the storage units help guarantee that you are investing in the most advanced security storing units but to keep your peace of mind, you need to ensure the following points and check if the storage unit providers are following the same or not:

1.    Digital Surveillance system

This is the most basic method of ensuring your storage security, every storage unit should be able to provide you with a report of the digital surveillance of your storage unit 24/7. You need to ensure that the surveillance is done digitally so that all data can be updated in real-time and you can rest assured that there will never be any tampering with the records. Digital surveillance can also be done by you from the comfort of your home.

2.    Efficient lighting

Although this may sound very irrelevant you need to ensure that the storage unit has efficient lighting and it is replaced promptly in case of any disruption, Efficient lighting in the interior and exterior can assure you that there will be no trespassing and even if there is trespassing, with good lighting it can be easily caught. If not for 24/7 lighting, always ensure that it is motion activated.

3.    Password Protected Access

Most of the storage units also enable password-protected access to their customers and employees in order to restrict the entry and exit of the personnel in the restricted area. In some storage units, the customer can also choose a password that no other employee is aware of.

4.    Employee Protocol

It is very important to go with a storage unit that follows proper employee protocol. They need to be trained on the dos and don’ts of the things to be done while keeping surveillance. Also, ensure that the employees are conducting a daily check and updating real-time if all the storage spaces are properly locked or not.

5.    Well maintained property

It is important to have a renovated, well-maintained property for the storage unit so that you can rest assured that your things will not undergo any loss of theft or fire, or natural calamities.

Contracts And Storage Insurance And Liability Concerns

You need to invest in a storage unit that can give you the proper assurance that your goods are safe with them and that if anything were to happen to the goods, they will take complete responsibility for it.


Keeping your belongings safe for the long term is not a matter of joke, the above points will help you decide who to put your faith into.

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