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Develop Meth Addiction

Xanax addiction is especially dangerous because it often begins with a prescription from a doctor. Addiction to Xanax is a common side-effect of the prescription drug Alprazolam. The drug is a central nervous system depressant, and addiction often occurs when the drug is abused beyond its prescribed purposes. It is prescribed to cure multiple types of disorders, from anxiety to stress, but the abuse of this drug results in the overuse of the drug to suppress unwanted feelings. 

Develop Meth Addiction

Xanax is the brand name for Alprazolam which produces a calming effect on the brain by literally slowing it down. The Xanax user might experience a drowsy feeling during the first few days until the body builds up a tolerance to the drug. This is an important factor of Xanax addiction because it is this tolerance that allows the user to take more and more of the drug to feel the same effects. Those with a Xanax addiction seek the drowsy feeling with a much higher intensity than normal people. The brain in those with a Xanax addiction associates Xanax with reward and stimulates pleasure centers that give the user feelings of euphoria that normal users do not experience.

With the increasing use and tolerance, consequences soon begin to emerge. Soon the single prescription from the family doctor is not enough to satisfy the user, and those with an addiction to Xanax may seek other doctors for additional prescriptions. It is not unusual for individuals with serious Xanax addiction to be juggling five, ten, or sometimes even more doctors, getting prescriptions from each of them. Clearly, the cost of this adds up quickly, and the user might resort to crime to satisfy their addiction. Fraudulent prescriptions, theft of prescription pads, and bogus phone calls to pharmacies are a national problem.

The wife/mother/father/waitress/truck driver/lawyer/executive who began taking Xanax on the advice of their doctor to relieve tension and stress does not do so with the knowledge that a few months from now, they might be committing forgery or buying Xanax off the black market on the street. Xanax addiction slowly consumes the user in such a way that no amount of self-will and desire can halt the process on its own. Those with a Xanax addiction have developed a medical condition in which the brain and body are altered. This condition is progressive, and if not treated, Xanax addiction can be fatal.

When the body and mind build up a tolerance that allows, or could be said, require that 5, 15, 20, or even 80 pills must be taken on a given day to feel “normal,” that is Xanax addiction. At this point, it is not even safe to just stop on your own. Physical dependence is well established, and the withdrawal effects could be deadly. Brain seizures occur as the brain goes from being suppressed into hyperactivity when the Xanax is removed. This is why Xanax addiction treatment should always be done at a Xanax rehab center staffed with medical doctors and medical equipment.

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