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How can we scrape search engine data- Manually or automatically? Do Google and other search engines allow you to have bulk SERP scraping!? If not, what is the best SERP Scraper and web scraper of the market?

This paper answers to all these questions! Do not miss this opportunity!

Automatic SERP scraping

I recommend you to perform automatic SERP scraping by using online and real time SERP scrapers like All-SERP.

All-SERP is an efficient and powerful search engine scraper that has various fast and premium quality services including:

  • Google SERP API
  • Yahoo SERP API
  • DuckDuckGo SERP API
  • Bing SERP API


Google’s search engine market share is over 90%! Considering the fact that there are almost 4.39 billion internet users worldwide, the number of Google global users is about four billion!

This caused All-SERP to establish a professional and complete Google SERP API for global users. This SERP API can be used from different locations. It has removed all limitations in terms of number and frequency of searches and provides safe and organic results for the users.


According to Statista “Yahoo is a California-based, multinational online company brand known worldwide for its search engine, Yahoo Search, and the Yahoo web portal, which brings together various services, such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Answers and most notably Yahoo Mail.”

All-SERP established a worthy and complete Yahoo SERP API to extract data from a big source of information- Yahoo!


Online search engine Bing accounted for 6.18 percent of the global search market In October 2020! Bing SERP API of All-SERP is a fantastic source of knowledge and data, and pretty helpful to manage SERP scraping on behalf of us.


Ask search engine is also another top and creative search engine established to make a question asked and answer campaign.  Ask SERP API is another tool created by All-SERP for data extraction from ASK search engine. It is fast, reliable and qualified.



It has been a long time that privacy in web searching has become a priority. Even many users like data personalization in their location and history. If you are also advocate of privacy in web, do not miss DuckDuckGo!

All-SERP has also a competent DuckDuckGo SERP API that helps clients to extract any kind of data they want from DuckDuckGo search engine.

Premium quality services!

The results of All-SERP search engines’ scrapers are accurate and organic. It mimics whatever a human being may do while searching in search engines to provide real and genuine data.

All-SERP supports all languages including Python, Java, PHP,      Ruby, C#, GO, JavaScript, C, OCaml, ObjectiveC.

Another important point is the high speed of All-SERP’s services. Moreover the whole website is really easy to use. The process of sign up and inquiry is done easily with a few clicks of mouse.

The results are structured, organized and classified and it provides       any kind of data that the user want including links, addresses, tweets, commodity prices, thumbnails, ratings, reviews, and etc.

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