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How Should You Wear Flats in the Office?

Do you always wear heels at the office? If yes, you must have wondered how it would feel and look like when you wear flats instead. Unfortunately, many women are used to wearing heels when they go to work. But wearing heels all the time is not recommended since doing so leads to an unnatural posture, a lumbered gait, and other harmful effects on the body.

Thankfully, many companies today no longer have a strict dress code for office workers. As a result, flat sandals and shoes are slowly easing their way into the workplace, and women are replacing their constricting high heels with comfortable flats. In fact, sales of flats and sneakers have risen significantly over the years, while those of high heels have fallen, and it is good news. 

But do you know how to wear flats in the office without looking too casual? If not, here’s how you should go about with your new office get-up.

Closed-Toe Flats for a Formal Look

Offices are usually considered formal settings. However, more and more companies are becoming casual and giving their employees freedom with regard to office wear. But if you want to look professional, wearing closed-toe flat sandals or shoes with a pointed shape is recommended. And pairing them with business attire works well to give you a look of authority and professionalism.

Meanwhile, for a more casual office setting, rounded toes or square toes will do. This way, whether you wear them with a blouse and skirt or trousers, you will exude comfort and simplicity that screams productivity. And that’s what matters most in the office.

Wear Pants or Skirts With Appropriate Lengths 

Although flats don’t accentuate your legs and give you height, they give you comfort and convenience instead. And for someone who’s working hard, that’s more important.

And when it comes to pants or trousers, it is important that they flow smoothly down towards your feet but never too long that they cover the small heels of your sandals or shoes. If they do, you’ll look crumpled or messy. So, make sure the hemline of your pants falls just above your feet.

On the other hand, since flats don’t give the impression of longer legs, you need to wear skirts of the appropriate length. Knee-length or above-the-knee skirts are your best options since they elongate the legs, unlike longer skirts that make you shorter than you are.

Choose the Right Color

When you work in a formal setting, wearing dark-coloured shoes or sandals is the appropriate choice. And black, navy blue and maroon are the most acceptable colours

But for a more casual set-up, you have the freedom to choose bold colours and styles. Something bright and colourful is a great way of adding a cheerful and refreshing factor into your busy workday.

High heels have been a staple piece in women’s outfits in every office setting. But they’re not the healthiest shoes to wear. Plus, the tides are turning, and high heels are no longer the top footwear for working females. They are losing their appeal, and flats have become their serious competition. Nevertheless, comfort and convenience are now preferred rather than the style and formality that high heels provide. And that is why flat sandals and shoes are taking over their high-heeled counterparts.

But of course, you can always wear heels whenever you want, in the office or elsewhere, and the same goes for flats. Meanwhile, what matters most is your happiness whenever you wear any piece of clothing or footwear. 

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