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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on various aspects of life, including businesses all around the world. Almost all of the cities in the United States have been locked down for a long time. But now that the government has given them permission for reopening, businesses have begun reviewing their business and marketing strategies for reopening safely.

For their reopenings, businesses are considering new and updated signs, including safety signage and social distancing signs. A sign company in NYC can provide your business with a new neon sign, channel lettering, or unique wall decals and window graphics that might assist to broaden your marketing goals.

So, in this article, we will discuss how a professional sign company can help your business space in reopening safely by providing the perfect and appropriate signage.

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  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Maintaining social distance is critical whether you’re functioning at full capacity or not since it helps with virus control.

Floor graphics can serve as pleasant reminders to maintain physical distance to a minimum, particularly at entrances and check-out lines.

A professional sign company in NYC can provide you with unique floor graphics that will help you build a safe space for your business and also reflect your brand image.


  • A blade sign for Wayfinding

A blade sign is commonly used for business reopenings since it is ideal for navigation in a crowded street and draws attention to your shop.

Now that your customers will be back for the reopening it might be possible they have difficulty in finding your business location, so a blade sign will be a great way to help them find you easily.


  • Safety Rules Banner Stands

You can use banner stands for indicating the safety rules that your company is following to keep the employees and customers safe.

Banner stands are an affordable and eye-catching option that might be placed at prominent places at your office premises. To remind the employees and customers about the rules and regulations that they need to follow in pandemic times.


  • Replaceable vinyl posters for Mandatory Rules

Vinyl posters can be placed on doors or walls to remind customers that wearing a mask is required, as well as other restrictions.

It is necessary to be cautious when running a business in a crowded area, but with the appropriate signs, you can arrange to keep social distance at your workplace.

Vinyl posters for this purpose are the perfect option as they are less expensive and can be replaced according to the needs and requirements.


  • Wall Graphics and Window Decals for a Renewed Decor


Walls and windows are excellent places to display eye-catching graphics that will catch your visitors’ interest. You may use this section to greet returning customers. By presenting new discounts, as well as to attract new consumers by advertising your services.

Wall decals are fantastic and inexpensive alternatives for company owners to keep their consumers informed about product/service availability, advertise new services offered, and explain any new health and safety policies in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With graphics placed on walls and windows, you can enhance the indoors of your store. So the clients will have a new renewed vibe when they enter your business premises.


  • Vinyl lettering For New Store Timings


Vinyl lettering can be used to display an ‘’Open Now’’ signage to put on windows or doors. So that the passersby are informed that your business has started operating after the lockdown. It can also be useful for displaying your store opening days and new timings.

A professional sign store in NYC will provide you with vinyl banners and lettering at an affordable price and you can mostly find them ready to install, so it is a very fast and cheap way of displaying your store timings.


  • A neon sign speaking that you are ‘’Open Now’’


A bright neon sign speaks for your business 24/7 with its vivid colors and high visibility as you plan to reopen your business space.

Although it’s an expensive option, it’s cost-effective in the long run. As it will serve your business for the years to come.

You can hire a sign expert for designing a neon sign for your business reopening. That will display your brand name or logo of the business hours and open/closed signs. It will be a great addition to your business marketing strategy.

In addition to these signs, there are plenty of other alternatives for the unique branding of your business. You may plan a return for your company with new beautiful signage or repair. The already existing signage with the help of an experienced sign company.


Now when you reopen your business space safely, make yourself the star of the show with your one-of-a-kind signage. We suggest that you set up a flawlessly designed, beautifully sized, and well-placed sign. That will boost your brand image and consumers. Will be able to see if you’re open and ready for business again. By locating your business signs.


Having the proper signs is critical for your company’s survival in a post-pandemic world. And a professional sign firm can assist you in developing your signage plan for reopening safely.

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