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Car Insurance Quoting?


FACT: Everyday 101,564 people a day start an autoinsurance quote online… 99% make at least 1 of the following mistakes…

1.) Not knowing your driving history (Part I)

Got Tickets? Auto insurers will verify any and ALL traffic tickets/violations (not including parking tickets) going back to 5 years (7 years in CA , NY or NH) when you are shopping or quoting to be insured online, not just 3 years.

2.) The Two Biggest Myths That Drive Up Auto Rates.

“I went to Traffic School and it wiped out my speeding ticket”and “I went to court and the ticket was dismissed”. Not exactly. Taking a defensive driving class, going to traffic school, or even having a ticket revised/dismissed in traffic court may negate/lower criminal/penalty points against your drivers license, but it has nothing to do with any auto insurer penalties. Even a seat belt ticket will be used in compiling your online or in person quote.

3.) Not knowing your driving history (Part II)

Remember when you called your auto insurance for roadside assistance? It officially was listed as an insurance claim. Every auto insuring company can see it for 5 years (CLUE Report) along with any accidents you’ve had (either your fault or somebody else’s) and any accidents of every driver and any vehicle on your policy – even though it’s not your car and you were not anywhere close to the accident scene.

4.) Not including ALL persons with a drivers license (or temp. permit) in the household.

Several of the largest auto insuring companies will NOT insure you unless EVERYONE living in your household is included on the quote or application. If your teenage driver has a permit, he/she needs to be included in the auto quote.

5.) Not including your spouse or including your domestic partner as your spouse.

“I just want a quote for myself without my husband on it because of his bad driving record”. Most auto insurance companies will NOT give you a quote without adding your legally-married-living-in-the-same-house spouse. Also, your domestic partner (from a auto insurance point-of-view in most states) is considered an additional single/divorced/widowed driver living in your household.

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6.) Oops – Typing Errors

One incorrect keystroke in your name, address, zip code, birth date, or drivers license number could cause much higher quotes and ultimately higher policies.

The biggest typing error occurring when listing the type of vehicle(s)— There is no “O” (as in Oldsmobile), “I” (as in Isuzu), or “Q” (as in Quality) located in any VINs (vehicle identification numbers).

7.) Surprise! (Part I) – Not knowing that your CREDIT score may be used as a ratings factor for car insurance quotes.

In most states (except California), car insuring companies may use your credit score as one of the ratings factors in determining the auto insuring quote you receive and your policy premiums. Buying a house soon? Don’t shop for any until after you have closed the deal.

7a.) Surprise! (Part II) – Don’t forget about no-so thought about monthly fees.

Almost every auto insurer company charges “installment” fees if you select any payment option other than paying the entire six month or twelve month policy in full. Installment fees can range from as little as $2 , up to $18 or more every month. This could significantly increase your total premium price.

8.) Lying on application.

Don’t even think about it. It’s insurance fraud. At the very least, the policy will be canceled.

9.) Shop early or pay more – NOW and later.

The desired start date you prefer for a new auto insuring policy is a CRITICAL choice. The further away in the future (7 days or more from today), the better the rate you will receive. More immediate start dates (like tomorrow) typically produce higher priced quotes and ultimately overpaying for the life of your insurability with that organization.

10.) Not knowing all of the discounts available to you.

Just a few of the many discounts that you should ask for… Good driver, Good grades, Multi-Driver, Multiple-car, AAA member, Traffic School, Defensive Driving Class, Home Owners, Renters, Military, Anti-Lock Brakes, Anti-Theft Devices, Multiple Air Bags, Higher Coverage Amounts, Education Degrees Attained, Daytime Running Headlights, Side-Impact Air Bags.

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