Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter have a cumulative 3 billion users. This makes social media the best place to promote your brand. Little wonder brands like Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd., Coca-Cola, and Bega Cheese have massive followers. In fact, the priority of every reputable social media advertising agency in Central Coast right now is brand awareness. Well, if you are struggling to make your brand stand out, you are not alone. 

As more brands take to social media, getting the attention of your target audience is becoming increasingly difficult. So, what should consist of an effective social media strategy for brand awareness to grow your business? How do you grow your followers and get familiar with them? Below are key strategies that you should implement this 2021. 

#1. Your social media presence should be human 

Sounds retro, right? However, many brands fall into the trap of sounding robotic rather than human. You can’t stand out if you are doing what everyone does. Build a personality (it could be humor or mystery) that endears your brand to followers. Post engaging content that will get your followers talking, i.e., human-centric content. 

If you fill your page with links and adverts, sooner than later, you will start losing your audience. Either they stop responding, or they mute your page altogether. Obviously, this is why posts that tell stories and selfies perform better. Be conversational in your approach if you want to get more followers, better engagement, and greater click throughs. 

#2. Make your contents more visual than words (show more and say less)

The very nature of social media makes it visual-driven. For example, Instagram is exclusive for pictures and videos. You might have noticed that Facebook is redesigning their platform such that words can be framed like pictures. The saying, “A picture says a thousand words,” has never been truer like in social media marketing on the Central Coast

As much as possible, put out pictorial and video contents. However, make sure that your pictures or videos have a strong emotional draw. They need to speak to the reader and make them want to take action. A great image or video is more likely to be shared by your readers. More shares mean more reach. If you watermark your video, more people will stumble on your brand name and logo for the first time. The bottom line is; quality content will get you faster to your goal. 

#3. Keep your social accounts to a manageable number

Carry out quality research on your audience and the personality you want to build. You will find out that it is likely more suitable for one social media platform more than another. For example, an education-centric brand will get more attention on LinkedIn than on Facebook. Likewise, a fashion brand can leverage more on Instagram. 

Trying to maintain an account on every social media platform can be counterproductive. Some profiles are likely going to suffer more than the others. Consistent and sustainable effort in your content strategy is more important than trying to be everywhere at the same time. 

#4. Understand the uniqueness and strengths of the different social media platforms

Peradventure you own several social media accounts, you should have noticed how hectic it is to post on all the platforms at once. Social media advertising agencies in the Central Coast often try to use apps that allow you to post content on multiple platforms at the same time. However, all the social media platforms are different. For example, Twitter restricts you to 280 characters. Hashtags don’t work well on Facebook. Stock images and text overlay has no place on Instagram feeds. 

It is also important to mention that the audience of the platforms differs too. Facebook audiences are looking for a blend of visuals and texts. Twitter users are more into quirky texts and stories. Instagram users will focus more on pictures and videos. Plan your content to match the unique audience of the different platforms. 

#5. Jump on trends

Interestingly, there is always a news story that makes the trend at every time of the year. When a topic trend on, it presents you with the opportunity to create content to heighten interest around your brand. In trade, this is called ‘Newsjacking.’ For example, during a state visit, an Australian insurance firm insured US President Barack Obama against being killed by a crocodile. The move gained the firm media attention. The caveat is that you need to make sure that you attach your brand to an event with good taste. 


When it comes to social media marketing, you have one goal; get as many people talking about your brand every time. As you work towards getting others to like and share your content, do the same. Ultimately, if you stick to a culture of engagement, you will build a loyal community that will stick with you for years to come.

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