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What Can an SEO Audit Do for Your Company?

If you search on the internet, then you will be able to find many different types of audits. An SEO audit can have multiple purposes. Or it can focus on a single one, such as the technical SEO audit. But this does not mean that one alternative is better than the other. Each one of them has different purposes and should not be compared with each other. So, if you want to make use of a thorough audit that has multiple purposes, then you need to know what are the main purposes of this type of audits.

  • Help you detect all the SEO problems and errors of your website. The first thing that an SEO audit can do for your company is finding all the problems and errors that will affect the ranks that your website has in search engine result pages. These types of problems will not only affect the traffic that your website can get from search engines. But it will also affect the conversion rate of your company. That means that if they are not found and solved, then a much lower number of visitors will become your company leads or customers.
  • A reliable agency can create better solutions using the results of an audit. Another use for the audit is the ability that it provides to the agency to create better solutions. The agency will not only be able to solve these problems to increase the benefits that your website gets from search engines. But they can also make use of the results of the audit to create long-term plans and strategies that will maximize the quality of the results that your business will get in the future.
  • The audit can be used to update and improve the SEO strategy that you use. Keep in that any strategy, regardless of how good it is, must be updated after a specific period. Why? Because the SEO needs of your website will surely change in the future. So, the current strategy will not be able to cover the new needs. SO, an update is required. And the best method to do that is to do another audit.

Does Your Company Need a Specialized SEO Audit?

The type of audit that your company needs actually depends on the SEO state of your website. If you collaborated with an agency in the past, then your website may not need a full SEO audit. In such cases, a specialized one, such as the technical SEO audit may be a better alternative. But if you want to make the correct choice, then you need to know some basic information about all the types of audits that you will be able to find on the market. Keep in mind that there are 4 types of audits that you will encounter, and you should collaborate with an agency that can provide all of them. But you should not neglect the quality of the other services provided by the agency.

  • Full audit. SEO is a vast field that is separated into 3 parts. This process was done to simplify the optimization process made by an SEO expert. And a full SEO audit must be able to cover all 3 parents of SEO. As mentioned above, it has multiple purposes, and it applies all of them for each part of SEO. You should use this type of audit if you never used SEO for your website. Or when you are unsure of the quality of the SEO services that you used in the past.
  • On-page audit. The first type of specialized audit is the one used for on-page SEO. This part of SEO represents all the content used on your website. So, the main goals of the audit are to check the quality of the current content. To decide which parts should be eliminated or replaced. And to create a strategy for the content that should be posted in the future. If an on-page audit is not able to cover all these needs, then you should avoid collaboration with that agency.
  • Off-page audit. Search engines take into consideration not only the condition of your website. The reputation and authority that your company has in the industry also matter. So, if you want to get the highest ranks for your website, then you need to make sure that the off-site situation is not neglected. You may need this type of audit if you never considered the off-site part in the past. The audit will check the current state of your website’s authority, reputation, and backlinks and prepare a personalized plan for the future.
  • Technical audit. This type of audit is responsible for the technical functionality of your website. Similar to the other specialized audits, its main role is to find the problems and create solutions for them.

What Are the Purposes and Benefits of a Technical SEO Audit?

In most cases, business owners ignore the technical part of their website while they concentrate too much on the other 2 parts. And doing that will reduce the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns. You should avoid doing this mistake and make use of a technical SEO audit if needed, and create a complete SEO strategy. Why? Because there are 3 essential factors that the search engine takes into consideration from the technical part of your website.

  • Link functionality. Keep in mind that all the links to your website must work properly. Otherwise, they will inconvenience the visitors that your site may get. And as a result, your ranks will drop. And a specialized audit will be able to check all the links of your website regardless of their number.
  • The loading speed of the site’s pages. If the loading speed of your pages takes too much time, then many of your visitors will not wait and look for another site. So, you should reduce the loading speed as much as possible. And a reliable agency can help you do exactly that.
  • Mobile devices compatibility. Nowadays, more and more search engine visitors are using mobile devices. So, your website must also be able to adapt and be fully compatible with all mobile devices.

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