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Technological Factors are Affecting Media

The internet has brought tremendous changes to the entertainment industry. Gone are the days when families would gather in the living room all glued to the television for audio-visual entertainment!

Instead, members will gather yet each is glued to their laptop watching the latest movie from Netflix, or on their phones downloading their newest music release on the internet or watching their favorite show on YouTube.

Even when people seek entertainment options, they’re still bombarded with very engaging Image 3d virtual games. Technological innovation has thrown campfires and barbeque moments out of the window. Thanks to technological evolution, it’s no longer business as usual in the media and entertainment industry.

  1. Downloading digital music

Everyone with a smartphone will attest to having downloaded music on their smartphone, stored it in a micro-memory chip to listen to it later. A considerable number of users watch music on YouTube or use other streaming audio services.

The music industry has come a long way, from using the phonograph to the music cassette and the 21st streaming form. How users consume music and where they access it, is constantly evolving. Music visual content and listening are shaping the industry.

More people are turning to ad-supported, free, and paid subscription options because the fans get instant access to the music libraries. The number of music fans subscribing is close to 100 million and growing.

Advantages of streaming digital music

  • Music fans can access out-of-stock-and print recordings
  • The music is accessible to every user anytime, anywhere they’re in the world
  • The sound quality is superior on the digital platform as opposed to the recorded songs on CDs and DVDs
  • Streaming music does not take up storage space on the subscriber’s hard drive
  • Subscribers have a wide selection of music records to choose from
  • A user accesses music at the speed of their network
  1. Video streaming

Digital video streaming seems to be the entertainment industry’s stronghold. This trend will definitely not slow down because of the benefits and revenue attached to the platform. The development of Image 3d in filmmaking seems to attract enormous traffic among the audience.

Consumers are embracing the use of smartphone applications for television in streaming videos. Video streaming offers an independent, affordable means of mass distribution of content for independent artists. It also gives individual talents a chance to be in the digital platform limelight.

More consumers are willing to pay more to access their content of choice. This is offering growth opportunities for streaming companies because they can introduce new brands to meet consumer’s needs.

Advantages of video streaming

  • The quality of streaming videos is superior to the pirated ones. The sound and visual quality are excellent because the video content is in HD.
  • A user can instantaneously watch their downloaded video wherever they’re. Some service providers allow for a monthly subscription and give the consumer full access to all their programming details.
  • A stable internet connection assures the subscribers of continuous entertainment moments without worrying about downtime.
  • Because the user does not have to download the video content, one does not have to worry about their memory space.
  • There’s a provision for instant playback. Initially, webmasters had to provide their website’s links to allow them to share their content with visitors. On the other hand, the visitors were required to watch the videos later. However, this trend has changed because users can access instant playback.
  • Streaming websites providers give their consumers several streaming options. A subscriber is not limited to the number of videos they can watch or subscribe to, as long as you’ve paid for the content.
  1. Data-driven Millennial

The digital platform is dominating technological advancement in every way.  The entertainment industry is among the greatest beneficiaries of the new trend among the millennial.

Therefore, data is fast selling hot cake because it is the driving force to access the internet on smartphones, computers, and laptops. Accessing reliable, high-quality data is essential to every millennial. Huge data use is proliferating speedily that it’s almost becoming hard to keep up with its growth. There are several benefits to accessing data.

  • Freedom to enjoy quality free content

Accessing entertainment content is affordable. Most people use data at home, school, or workplace to facilitate their daily activities.

While on the internet users can enjoy free quality content resources such as podcasts, YouTube, digital music streaming such as Spotify or Pandora, ebook sites, social media platforms such as Twitter, and virtual games.

  • Live chatting and engagements

One of the popular and exciting features of the is the ability to chat with friends and family. Applications such as Facetiming, Skyping allows one to communicate from wherever they are, anytime they please. This is a timely option when people are encouraged to maintain social distancing.

  • Enables users to share moments with photos

So long as one has access to data, they can use online photo memory to store their pictures. In fact, social engagements can be enhanced by sharing real-time photos without having to buy a photo book or upload pictures.

Many people use social media platforms such as Instagram to maintain family photo albums of recent activities, life experiences, and sentimental memories on the internet.

  • Cut the cable

Traditional television users are using the internet to update their services to consumers. Popular web-based streaming service providers like Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix allow the flexibility to ride on any Wi-Fi enabled gadget at very affordable rates. In fact, you can enjoy this service at a fraction of your regular TV service.

Therefore, viewers do not have to watch their favorite movies when TV programs have slotted them. In fact, one can watch an entire season of a movie in a single seating.

Furthermore, Netflix can extend a large portion of data for its users that leverage them to determine the most popular shows.

Technological Trends Shaping the Entertainment Industry

Watch out for these technological trends; the emergence of 5G and Artificial emotional intelligence.

5G Data Network

It is predicted that the fifth generation of fast and reliable wireless data networks, will significantly affect the media and entertainment industry. 5G is set to radically increase the transmitting speed, reliability, and quality of data. It is purported that its data speed will be 50 to 100 times faster than the current 4G.

This means that 5G will download an HD movie in a matter of seconds. 4G data network takes up to 6 minutes to download the same movie.

This is likely to encourage binge-watching because a movie series or seasons because it will only take a few seconds to access it anytime, anywhere.

Binge-watching behavior will in turn encourage impatience and instant gratification tendencies among Millenials. Though it raises social and health concerns, it marks the onset of tremendous growth in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence in the Entertainment Industry

You may not know it, but artificial intelligence is already integrated into most of the daily use of technology. If you have an iPhone, for instance, Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa are positively affecting your life by making it frictionless and simpler than ever before.

Netflix and similar platforms are using algorithms by artificial intelligence to analyze viewership tendencies.

However, artificial emotional intelligence is predicted to intrude into the user’s privacy. This violation of privacy has necessitated the implementation of media standards. To protect its clients the web design and development sector is keenly following to ensure adherence.

In conclusion, the media and entertainment industries are yet to witness radical changes because of technological developments. The only beneficiaries will be early adopters of technological advancements.

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