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Competition is a very natural element in the business. And to survive your business in this competitive scenario, one needs to be a quick decision-maker. Therefore, to be more accurate in making decisions, the company would need help from the ERP software, which would mutate the actual data into fruitful information.  

Technology is highly required in the construction industries too. Rather the manual documentation is fetching a bit of difficulty in the regular activities in the business. Thus, Ready Mix Concrete industries are also paying a lot of attention to the software’s requirements. Moreover, it has always been asked if the tech-person can build software to solve the business and construction work in the Ready Mix concrete industry. Hence, there’s a much need for an ERP for Ready Mix Concrete industries.

The Problems Faced by the Owners before RMC Software

The owners of the Ready Mix concrete plant faced trouble in terms of maintaining minimum operating costs during their deliverance to the customers. In fact, the plant managers and the owners faced a tremendous amount of revenue leakage because of low visibility and production cost variance. The owners also had an issue to meet customers’ satisfaction levels and create effective management using raw materials. Even the invoice process gets delayed due to the low transparency level in progress.

So an ERP for Ready Mix Concrete Industries is there for their rescue. The innovative RMC software helps keep an update regarding the mixture of the ingredients, transparency in the material movements, and delivering the ultimate product.

Advantages of using the Ready Mix ERP Solution

Ready Mix Concrete ERP software is an entirely web-based product. This software product has been developed by InnitiIT. RMC software has been exclusively developed to control the daily transaction in the Ready Mix Concrete Industries.

This software is very user friendly. The user can easily use it, as it is driven through the mouse’s menu and clicks.

Even quality assurance takes place. Automatic data alert is available during dispatch. In fact, the customization is available so that the user can fulfill their requirements.

Since the ReadyMix ERP software is entirely web-based, there is no fear of losing data if the local system fails. Moreover, user privilege is tight here so that no one can misuse it, and data security is also provided.

Why RMC ERP is Concrete Batching Plant software

With the help of a cloud-based Ready Mix ERP system, real-time and sufficient transparency can be obtained. ERP for Ready Mix Concrete industries is mainly developed and designed for the utilization of this industry. This also helps to provide information relating to the status of the management. In fact, this facilitates business automation. It also enables the transfer of the details of raw data onto information that can be actionable. Instead, this helps to enable the conversion of the raw material into two elements:

  1. Analytics in terms of strategy
  2. Realistic decision-making

A cloud-based ERP is a solution to Read Mix Industries to integrate the entire business of this company in the following aspects:

  • It provides the capability of managing multiple locations of plants.
  • Purchasing the raw material
  • Sales and marketing aspect
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accounts details can be kept with the compatibility of Tally reports)
  • Management of warehouse and production
  • Quality test
  • Dispatch management
  • Data automation
  • Fleet management
  • GPS Activated Tracking
  • HRM
  • Business Intelligence and Reports.  

The Ready-mix Concrete ERP has proved to be very beneficial for my business. This has helped in the following points:

Sales and Marketing: 

The Ready Mix Concrete ERP software has tight integration with sales and marketing. This alliance helps in mapping and supplying organizations with single-sites or multi-site. ERP software deals with the following aspects of sales and distribution:

Inquiries regarding sales and quotations

  • Orders of sales
  • Invoice
  • Details of the marketing person
  • Delivery schedules
  • To keep a check on the limits of credits.
  • Payment details which are pending
  • Challans of delivery or details relating the shipments
  • To create a printed document.


This holds the core capabilities of the industries. This facilitates the planning related to the productions. Here the quality of the product has been tested before delivering it to the customers. This section has committed the following thing onto my business:

  • Schedule of productions
  • Planning based on pending sales orders and stocks available. This has been done through raw material planning.
  • This helps to maintain the quality of the plant.
  • Even the report can be taken based on the quantity of wastage and rework.


This software helps to keep the status of the progress of my business. Hence, the report can be kept in a printed document, which can be generated in a PDF form on the screen. With the aid of RMC ERP software, the reports on sales, purchase, stocks, finance, human resource, the fleet have been kept by my company.

Human Resource Management:

Even with the help of RMC ERP, the employee data of my company can easily be organized. This helps a company to analyze the employee data of each department. This module includes the employee’s details, Payroll of the management, attendance. It leaves management, time and shift management, and understanding organizational management.

Henceforth, the ReadyMixERP software has been beneficial for my business. This is very user friendly and very systematic. This would help you to keep a note on every detail of your business. Moreover, the fear of losing any data is also not there. Thus, RMC software is highly recommendable for this kind of company, as it is concrete batching plant software.

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