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Designing your house isn’t easy. There are several parameters to keep in mind before starting any improvement session. For every room, there is a separate design that pops up in your mind and every idea isn’t applicable. Everybody thinks of designing the most perfect house and there are several ways to do this. You can consult professionals for guidance, but make sure that you don’t completely rely on them for your house improvement.

First, gather numerous ideas from the internet or observe the recently completed home improvement projects. Second, listen to your heart but keep your brain with you while cooking the design in your mind. It is your house and you are free to design it as per your choices, but there are some exceptions when you implement your preferences. For example, you like bright colors but red or orange can’t be a good choice for the color of your walls. Similarly, there are several other minor issues that you have to consider before renovating.

Among all the rooms of the house, your living room is the center of attraction. The better you decorate it, the better. Have you ever wondered about the placement of your TV? Well, a living room looks incomplete without a TV in today’s technological world. Placing the TV changes a lot in your room and the interior design has to bear the biggest modifications due to the tv wall mounting.

Here are some of these modifications that the interior design of the house has to deal with due to the placement of the TV.


A focal point means the center of attention of every member of the house and anyone who visits. If your television is the focal point, place it in the center of the seating area. For example, if you have three sofas or couches arranged in a circle, then place the television on the wall that lies exactly in front of these sofas and in the center. Don’t place the TV higher than usual and the best way to measure the location is to sit in the center couch, analyze the position of the television that works best for watching, and mark the position.

The TV gets the central position because it is easier for everyone to watch. If you place it on the sidewalls, it would be tricky for you to watch it. What if the television isn’t the focal point? Don’t worry you can place it on any other wall that you find best. Just use a cabinet or armoire to hide it, because it wouldn’t take a second for the TV set to be noticed.


Windows in the living room give it a beautiful look, but it makes the placement of the television difficult. Why would windows affect TV placement? Well, a lot of windows means you have sunlight all around during the day and street light coming through the windows at night. The best and easiest thing you can do is place drapes or curtains over the windows. Any kind of window treatment would eliminate the glare on the television.


As mentioned earlier, the placement of the couch is also based on television or vice versa. If you wish to have the TV as the focal point, the placement of the couch will be different. On the contrary, your TV has to adjust somewhere else in the living if it is the secondary focal point or not the focal point at all.


Are you planning to place the dining table in the living room? It is a brilliant idea, but what about the TV set you are planning to place in the same room? Do not worry because you can place the dining table at the back of your seating arrangement. The TV will be the focal point where all the sofas or couches will point at, whereas, you can adjust the dining table somewhere behind the sofas.

If you want to place a simple center table, then things are easier. Place the sofas in a circular arrangement and place the table in the center. The television goes on the wall in front of the seating arrangement.


Some people are bookworms and their living rooms have bookshelves as well. If you are one of those, then placing the TV and the bookshelf in the same room might be a hassle. The furniture placement is more important than TV and bookshelf. Once you are done with this design, what would you want to do? Again, is your TV the focal point? If yes, then place it as stated above. If not, then you must think of a better place for it. For example, if you have placed it behind the sofas, then you can place the bookshelf near the windows or let’s say, the bookshelf can act as a focal point.


Another thing that gets a lot of importance during TV placement is the power source. What if you get a tv mounted wall but there is no power source? Such mistakes are cunning; therefore, keep the power source in mind before placing it. This is one of the major reasons for designing the interior before starting any home improvement session.


Television being the subject here, placement of the objects becomes tricky and lights of the room are among these objects. A bright living room is important, but you must be sure about how you place the lights. Reflection of lights on the TV would brings disturbance. It gets uneasy to watch television with a glare. If your living room is supposed to have a TV, use a mix of bright and dim lights in the room so that you can easily watch TV and the guests don’t find your house darker than usual.


Paintings add value to your living room and you must find the finest pieces of art to decorate your room. Remember, you have to place a TV in the same room and it would look awful in a room that is full of paintings. Keep it simple and minimal because less is more.


If you have a fireplace, then place the television above it. The fireplace somehow becomes the primary focal point in the majority of the living rooms and TV is the secondary focal point. Hence, you can place it above the fireplace. If that doesn’t match your taste, you can place it on some other wall, but the fireplace will no longer be the primary focal point.


One of the most common mistakes that people make is that the size of the television and furniture don’t complement each other. Either TV is too big or too small in a living room while the other items are of the perfect size. The size of the TV and furniture must complement each other as well as the size of the room.


Home improvement gets easier if you have the right assistance and best ideas. Ask the internet about the latest trends and consider your preferences. You can merge trends and personal preferences to come up with the most innovative idea. Just make sure you don’t make the wrong choice because it is your house and one wrong choice can adversely affect its appearance.

Television has a very important role to play in the interior design of your house. You may not have considered this before, but the entire look changes with the placement of the TV. Living rooms are the priority option for TV placement and you may face the above-mentioned effects. Keep all the effects in mind and be sure about the placement of the television. You will have the best home improvement phase of your life with the right design.

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