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The rise of wooden garages in different parts of the world is a reality that can be seen by taking a walk around your own neighbourhood. Particularly present in suburban areas with houses provided with gardens, this type of classic and rustic buildings have a series of functionalities that are making them stand out from other alternatives in the sector.

In case you are reading this article, it is very likely that you have not yet been encouraged to work up a wooden garage in your yard. Still do not know the main benefits of these resources? Below, you will find a selection of direct advantages that you will be adding to your resources if you opt for the acquisition and erection of a quality wooden garage.

A sustainable and planet-friendly timber chain

All the prefabricated wooden garages, as well as other reputable alternatives that you can find in the market, are made with materials from forests with controlled logging, in addition to receiving sustained attention that guarantees periodic stages of reforestation.

While the presence of wooden garages in urban areas, as well as other constructions that are based on the aforementioned material, is a pure gain with a view to balancing the CO2 levels generated in the area in question.

Guaranteed durability with good maintenance

As long as you have the necessary care for the wood of your next garage, and complete any additional recommendation provided by the original manufacturer, you can be sure you will have a solid and resistant construction that will last over time.

Ease in the change or improvement of any damage

Unlike metal or concrete constructions, any detail or breakage suffered by your wooden garage may be corrected or modified in a set of steps that will be determined by the severity of the damage. 

An enviable facility for its construction

If you opt for a prefabricated wooden garage you will only have to follow a series of instructions to erect it, almost as if it were a Lego set on a human scale! If the planks come separately, you can easily sand them to reach a smoother surface. For that, check out the best drum sanders on the market. Each section of the garage is carefully prepared so that users can finish the construction work in their yards without any setback, so with a correct planning and a little help you will have the mission accomplished in a couple of days.

Natural isolation that results in savings

Regardless of the final use that will be given to your wooden garage, the air conditioning of the space may be one of your concerns. But the truth is that you have no reason to worry, since wood is an extremely effective natural insulator, so the use of any air conditioning or heating in the space will be somewhat timely and reduced.

A place adaptable to multiple functions

The most traditional use of wooden garages is to keep the car, tools, and other material that cannot be stored in your main home. But there is no rule that prevents you from making this place your own disconnection zone, whether transforming it into a games room, a personal office, handicraft workshop or painting studio, among many other options that will depend on your personal hobbies.

Details for the effective purchase of a wooden shed

The functionality of the wooden sheds has been increasing over time. We are no longer just talking about a space destined to function as a repository for all the things that are covering a lot of space at home.

Currently, you can also take advantage of a wooden shed for other purposes, such as a space exclusively dedicated to gardening and indoor or shade crops, a workshop or small studio to work activities related to the field of art, creativity or goldsmithing, or such as parking for motorcycles, bicycles or other small-sized vehicles, in addition to other ideas. 

Are you thinking of getting a wooden shed, but do not know how to confirm that your action plan is completely free of failures? Next, you will find all the necessary information to have everything controlled in the planning of your new garden space. 

The Nordic fir is your way: Say no to the “savings” of iron or resin! 

It is very likely that in your market research you will find alternatives of metal or resin at slightly lower costs than wooden sheds, but these types of savings are likely to become a headache in the future. Metal sheds generally do not include soil, and over time these types of structures tend to oxidize. 

While those made with resin are a risk for any object that will remain inside the shed since this material generates condensation. The heat insulation is almost zero, to the point that the doors may not close on particularly sunny days. Moreover, all this without mentioning how little aesthetic these resin sheds can be. 

By selecting a wooden shed, you are betting on durability, top design, and adaptability to a large number of uses. And among the construction materials, without a doubt, the Nordic fir tree is one of the best materials you can trust when selecting a prefabricated model.

Much more than a deposit in the home garden

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, good quality wooden sheds offer a range of possibilities of use compared to other garden constructions, such as wooden houses and simple houses: 

  • Kitchen: Either a second kitchen for special occasions or the main kitchen for small houses, wooden sheds are perfect to house these resources. 
  • Auxiliary bathroom: Like the previous idea, wooden sheds can also be transformed into additional bathrooms to your home. 
  • Pool house: For the hottest days of the summer there is nothing like taking a good dip, and having a small changing table and deposit for the pool things in your garden, is as simple as installing a wooden shed for it. 

And what about the thickness of the wood? 

Everything will depend on the type of use you will give to your wooden shed. If you are thinking of a space where you or other people are going to spend long periods of time, the best thing you can do is look for a model with 34 mm thick walls for its insulation. However, it is important to highlight that these are the less common options in the market of the sheds, mainly because you can obtain garden sheds or related things. 

The most common thickness for the walls of the multifunctional and prefabricated wooden sheds is 28 millimetres. It is a number that guarantees solidity and durability, in addition to the safety of keeping things stored inside it safe from moisture or other inconveniences. 


With all of the above-mentioned points, we have the essential aspects of covered wooden sheds to continue your search. Garage shed is definitely a great idea, especially if you are planning to go for a wooden garage shed. We have highlighted the advantages of having a wooden shed as well. And in case you still have any questions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will be happy to assist you.

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