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You have great products and even greater online store, but you are not able to get sufficient traffic to your site. Just like brick and mortar stores, even e-commerce shops also need to acquire new customers in order to make a profit and grow their sales. So, no matter if you already have an online shop or looking to start one, we have listed 8 effective strategies that will help you bring tremendous traffic to your e-commerce store without shredding your wallet. 

8 Effective Ways to Attract More Visitors and Convert Them Into Customers

#1 Create a simple and structured website design

Your website design plays a crucial role in driving more sales. Many e-commerce sites, having too much content and a cluster of elements, tend to confuse users, and they often abandon the cart and move to your competitor’s site. The website design and navigation should be simple and clear enough that allow users to easily find the products they are looking for and complete the ordering process in as few steps as possible. 

#2 Leverage social media

Social media today is one of the most influencing platforms when it comes to broadcasting news to your fans and followers across the globe. Leverage social media by promoting your business, products, services and events on different networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest through organic and paid ads, and get your business known to a wider audience.  

#3 Run sale and clearance offers

Sales promotion and discounts are one of the most effective ways to drive more customers to your site. Determine your customer acquisition cost and based on that figure out how much you can afford in order to acquire new prospects. Then, announce the offers to the world by putting on your website or advertising on coupon websites for a small fee. When promoting, make sure to put a time limit to create a sense of urgency among your customers. 

#4 Offer incentives to first-time users

Offering incentives to first-time users is a great way to capture their attention and encourage them to convert into customers. This can be done in the form of offering exclusive discounts, free shipping, free samples or free gifts that make them feel that you value their presence, and you are ready to go an extra mile to ensure they receive utmost satisfaction. These strategies will not only help in bringing new customers to your site but also in improving customer retention and loyalty. 

#5 Deliver the best possible user experience

User experience is one of the essential ways to influence more customers to buy from your site. People love those sites that offer authentic and quality products, informative product descriptions, affordable pricing, the exceptional customer support that quickly address their queries and everything that make their shopping experience as smooth and flawless as possible. They will not only return to your site for future purchases, but they will also recommend their friends and family about their amazing experience using your site. 

#6 Ask for Referrals

Your existing customers are the best source to get new customers. But, you just can’t sit and wait for them to bring their friends, family and colleague to your store. You need to actively approach your happy customers and ask for referrals. Regularly send follow-up emails to your current customers to make sure they are satisfied with their purchases, and then follow up with another email requesting for referrals. In return, promise them to offer reward points or cash back for their kind act. 

#7 Build Brand Awareness

Building your brand name and reputation is a must for any business. That is because the majority of people prefer to buy products only from the brands they know and trust. Establishing the name in the market doesn’t happen overnight, but if you work in the right direction, you can certainly make this happen. Some of the strategic ways to build brand awareness is to offer authentic products, excellent customer service, free gifts and exclusive discounts. If your customers start trusting your brand, they will recommend your store to other people as well. 

#8 Partner with Other Businesses

Teaming up with similar businesses is a good way to expand your customer base without spending much. Approach businesses or brands that are not directly competitive, and come up with a strategy to market each other’s merchandise. For instance, if you are selling maternity clothes, partnering with a business that sells baby clothes would be a great way to drive new customers to your online store

Thus, these are some tried and true techniques that will certainly help you in attracting more users to your e-commerce store and generate significant revenue. While these tactics will work, the primary focus should be put on your core offerings. After all, when you offer superior quality products and services, you are sure to attract new clients.

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