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App promotion is a complex process that requires a strategy and ground knowledge of what to do to get downloads for your application. Your main goal is to get maximum conversions into installs and in-app purchases. It is done through two different principles: you either promote with paid ads to drive more installs or make your product visible where your potential clients look for one app like yours. 


The fact we have 2 paths does not mean you need to stick each of them. However, there is a primary thing you should complete before choosing how to market the application. 


ASO before paying for ads and installs


App promotion is targeted to drive new customers to your product. You pay for each contact with your page on the market. That is why you should improve its elements to the maximum. All these actions are called ASO (app store optimization). 


Start with the keyword collection first. You have to understand how people search for the app like yours and where you should be shown to be installed. If your product is new and you have not published it at the store yet, think over potential words and phrases that fit your business. Collect them and cannibalize the keywords your competitors have in their texts. When you have found all the keywords you can potentially use, group them by the most meaningful parts and level of actual or potential conversion rate. 


When you know the most crucial words and phrases, you should include them in the texts of your app. We mean the description and titles. They have to contain the keywords you plan to promote. If you do not do that, the algorithm will not relate you to certain search requests and rank for them. Even when you are not yet ready with mobile app promotion by keyword installs, it is better ASO texts. Do not lose the option to get more clients later. 


When texts and keywords are optimized, move to the visual elements. For paid traffic and keyword ranking, you need to have a convertible icon and eye-catching simple screens. Otherwise, potential users will visit your page at the market but will not install it. 


Buy ads and keyword installs


With ASO done, you can go into mobile app promotion. If you want to get traffic immediately and receive downloads within a day, run PPC or CPA campaigns with one of the user acquisition platforms. They have a wide range of targeting and budget planning instruments. However, with your funds off, your marketing campaigns will stop. 


Keyword installs work as SEO for applications. Your main marketing objective will be to become visible at the TOP of 20 by a certain search. Ordinary promotion starts with “screening” for your product. That is when you start with massive short-term marketing with keyword downloads. It helps you to figure out how much you need before you start promoting. After that, you know what volume of downloads a certain group of words and phrases requires. Launch 5-7 days campaigns for each keyword group. Promote to get into TOP 20 of market search. 


Keyword installs give first results in 2-3 weeks and organic installs as soon as any user sees and clicks on your icon at the market. Going into a full-scale keyword promotion will require time and resources for keyword collection and frequent A/B tests for app visuals. But when done correctly, one month of effective and deliberate marketing will give you the positions you will rank for the next 3-4 months approximately. 


App marketing is a more complex structure. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the keyword installs techniques and strategies, read more about mobile app promotion at our platform. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization. 

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