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How To Become A Welder

Are you thinking about becoming a welder? You may want to ask what does a welder do? Here is what you need to do and get your first welding job effortlessly. 

1.Know What Employers Are Looking For 

To become a welder, you need to have a GED or high school diploma. Also, you need to have technical training as well as on-the-job training. When interviewing potential welders, employers will be looking for the following 3 things. 

  • If you have an understanding of the common metalworking techniques, tools and tasks. 
  • If you have an up-to-date certification either acquired at school or on the job site.
  • If you can pass a hands-on test used to demonstrate your skills. 

2.Get Proper Training 

If you are looking for a training program to become a welder, you should focus on those offering training in the most common skills. Also, find training programs that offer ample practice of hands-on skills. These training programs should show you how to prepare for company welding tests. They should also offer free certification services usually administered by a certified welding inspector. You should get the help you need to find a proper apprenticeship program or welding job. 

3.Learn How To Test 

As a welder, you will have to pass tests constantly to prove that you are actually skilled as a welder. Employers are always looking for employees who can demonstrate the right skills related to the products offered by the company. Every company looking for welders demand that their employees must pass internal tests. 

4.Participate In An Apprenticeship Program 

Numerous companies offer apprenticeship programs that have training on the job. Here, you will be doing entry-level welding work and get the chance to learn more about the job. As you finish more apprenticeship hours, you will increase your level of accreditation. 

5.Prepare A Dynamite Resume

Since welding is a huge industry, there are many opportunities to advance and get a promotion. You are going to get hired soon enough and advance your career if you have a professional and updated resume ready. A proper resume should have the following. 

  • Name, Address, Email And Phone Number 
  • Objectives – Reasons for writing the resume such as seeking employment, hoping to join a company promoting green practices and offering first-class services to customers.
  • Specialties – Do you have special welding skills? Make sure it’s clearly displayed in your resume
  • Education And Training
  • Relevant Experience 
  • Samples Of Work – Here, you should display the best samples of work you have done as a welder.

6.Include Industry Keywords In Your Resume 

A lot of companies have applicant tracking systems to sift through resumes efficiently and easily. These systems are set up to recognize keywords in resumes. If you include keywords relevant to the job position in your resume, the system will automatically pinpoint your resume for hiring managers. As a welder, some of the relevant keywords include the following. 

  • Welder
  • Welding 
  • ASME Certified (if you have the certification)
  • Blueprint reading
  • Stick
  • Solid State
  • Cutting torches
  • Arc/TIG/MIG (if you have been trained on these types of welding)

7.Join A Welding Professional Organization And Network 


Become a member of a professional organization such as the American Welding Society. Here, students can enjoy a discount rate and participate in various local chapter activities. The membership will keep you updated on the latest job trends and improve your networking results.

8.Apply To Online Job Boards And Major Employer Job Listings

When looking for welding jobs online, you should look at the categories carefully. They often appear under skilled trades, construction, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, general labor or industrial technology. Look through these job postings diligently because the job postings you need will appear.

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