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There are several reasons why people like to build ponds in their backyards: To provide additional green space, to create a cool and refreshing area during hot summer months, and whenever they want to swim or buy fish.

But if you don’t have the necessary skill to build this pond at home, read more about how you can do it easily without spending much money or effort.

Steps to Build a Small Pond by Yourself

You will find that the process isn’t too hard once you get started. Here are the steps to building a pond in Middleton WI, which you should know before beginning.

Pick a Spot

Determine where you want your pond and what shape you want it to be. Pond Waunakee WI should not be in the middle of the backyard or exactly in the corners. You should place the pond somewhere it is visible easily.

Decide on the Size

You should decide on the size of the pond according to your backyard. It should not cover most of your backyard and be enough to put some fish and plants. Once the size is decided, dig a hole according to the pond’s dimensions. The depth should be at least ten inches.

Purchase a Liner

Purchase a submersible pump, tubing, and liner for your pond. Don’t forget to buy fittings so you can connect all the pieces. Test your pump and tubing before you install them into your pond. Make sure that everything works properly. Ensure your liner fits properly along the edges of your pond before installing it. The edges should fold over your rocks and hide them completely.

Fill With Water

Place your pump inside the pond and secure it with rocks on each side, so it doesn’t move around too much. Next, add water to the pond until it is almost full, and place plants on top of the shelf that you created earlier, making sure that they are securely held with rocks or soil, so they don’t topple over or float away when you add more water.

Add Plants and Fish

Create a plant shelf by adding rocks around the inside walls of your pond. You can also use artificial plants if real ones aren’t available or you don’t want to use whatever may be the reason. Then, add your plants, fish, frogs, and other pond life to make it more lively and beautiful.


A pond is something everyone would love to have in their backyard. The water world looks fantastic, but not everyone has the space for it. Well, it is more of a task than most people think. Building a small pond is also not as straightforward as most people think.

You will have to overcome many challenges when building a small pond in your backyard. But by following these steps, you can easily make a small Pond Middleton WI.

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