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For running a business successfully, communication comes at the core of good management. Even if we look at human interactions, we will see that communication is vital for all kinds of interaction if your message is clear, concise and the medium of communication is good, you will be able to gain success. However, with so many different mediums and extremely complicated communication technologies, 96% of the global workforce is unsatisfied with the business communication at their workplace. This speaks volumes about the current business communication facilities and technologies. 

Studies show that more than 50% of consumers feel that they are not heard, and their feedback is useless in the eyes of the manufacturer. Experts say that business communication work as a spine for business. With the help of seamless business communication, businesses can bring more customers on board, they can boost sales, retain consumers, gain consumer loyalty, and increase referrals as well. On the contrary, poor communication creates frustration among the users and they eventually end up abandoning the brand. 

Everyone agrees that communication with the consumers is important, but it is equally important to have strong communication within the team and management. Just like team members and management consumers also want to be part of systems and the product design. Overall, maintaining a seamless business requires a good medium. Big business is becoming too big to fail because of their seamless business and small businesses are facing stunt growth issues due to poor communication. For a small business to get bigger and reach its full potential, here are a few steps that can help them build a seamless communication system. 

Real-Time Communication

Previously we have seen that businesses relied heavily on surveys and studies. Usually, a research-based study takes a few months to compile and as for the surveys it will take at least 4-5 weeks. With continuous changing trends, it is very important to keep up with trends so you can improve your services. To ensure that you are always in contact with your user, you need a real-time communication channel. Webpages, social media, customer services, and live chat software are used by big companies to ensure transparent feedback systems. With the help of real-time transparent communication, consumers will feel heard, and businesses will be able to win the customers’ confidence. In case, consumers have reservations and complaints, the company will be able to resolve that in real-time. 

Using Online Marketing for Improved Experience

Previously companies were using mass communication mediums like newspaper, TV, radio, and billboards for marketing. These mediums were slow and expensive. For designing an ad campaign, businesses had to hire a lot of people and if the campaign fail, all the money would simply go to waste. Apart from this, it took so many weeks to see the impact of the ad campaign. Now, everything is happening in real-time. With the help of transparent, quick, and easy communication, businesses are getting responses in real-time. Marketing teams are now reaching out to the consumers via live chat and messaging services. They are tracking the browsing experience and now with the help of better communication, they can see the visitors’ traffic on product pages for price comparison and more. One of the most interesting techniques used by marketers is to retain the traffic by keeping the consumer interested and retargeting them again. 

Omnichannel Communication 

Opting for simple real-time communication channels like VoIP, online chat, online presence, and more, companies will be able to guide consumers in complex situations. Making audio chat, video calls, instant messaging, and other communication options help businesses to handle the consumer and offer troubleshoot within a few seconds. To make this possible companies are now opting for remote phone systems as well. These internet-based VoIP phones can be used from home, office, shared workspace, or on the go. With the help of these online phones, companies can stay connected and offer customer care around the clock. 

Opting for Automation 

Real-time communication is excellent, but it can get expensive. Most companies claim to offer 24/7 r instant customer service, so they hire representatives to cover all time slots. To resolve this issue for smaller companies and cut costs, automation is the only solution. With the help of automation in customer service, you can cut down the call handling time and bring down the number of resources as well. Automation will also allow your company to offer 24/7 instant response and improve user engagement. Most businesses opt for recorded greeting and automotive call forwarding service that helps them to cut the resources. However, some business opts for FAQ lists so that consumer can acquire information right away. 

Developing Self-Help Strategy 

Big companies like Facebook, Amazon, WhatsApp, etc have different business models but they have built a self-help strategy for their business. By stating every possible information about their company that concerns the consumer, these companies have developed an information base that is enough for their consumers. Adding knowledge-based content will not only help your consumer it will also help your business because it will offer search visibility, bring more traffic to the business, and improve the ROI eventually. 


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