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Diwali is the biggest celebration of every year; people enjoy this festival with joy and cheerfulness. When we think about Diwali, the very first thing that comes in all our minds is Crackers; it’s impossible to imagine Diwali without crackers. But to celebrate Diwali in an Eco-friendly way, opt for crackers which are made of recycled papers to prevent the environment from pollution and dust.

Lighting up Diyas, candles, and earthen lamps take us into the festive mood; it’s good to avoid electric lights or lamps for lighting because it produces harmful gases. Every happy festival starts with sweets, so prepare healthy and nutritious desserts at home and share with your loved ones.

Sharing doubles your happiness and builds the relationships stronger; this is one of the best ways to celebrate Diwali.

In this blog, let’s look on how to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year

Light up Diyas

Diyas are made of the earth-friendly material, so make use of it to light up your house. Avoid the painted candles or lamps as they are designed with artificial colors; it releases toxins while burning, which affects the human and environment.

Hanging earthen lamps enhances the décor of your house, and it encourages others to light up naturally. Instead of shopping for colorful candles and lights, opt for LED lamps because they consume 80% lesser energy than the normal ones. You can decorate interiors as well as the exterior of your home with colorful LED lights and stay free from pollution.


Use Natural Colors for Rangoli

Colorful rangolis gives a festive look to your house; most of the people in India welcome Goddess Lakshmi by this way, they ask for her blessings in the form of wealth. Diwali Special Rangoli is a fine art; you can make use of colored rice to draw simple patterns. Floral Rangoli is another auspicious type, for that, you need fresh petals, leaves, colorful flowers like marigold, jasmine, roses, etc.

To enhance the decor simply place the diyas, oil lamps in the center or wherever you want because it gives a complete look for the design. For large rangoli, opt for colored stones; place the fountain or water tubs somewhere to give a classy touch.

Go Organic

Festival is fulfilled when we exchange gifts with our loved ones. So it’s a good idea to offer a green gift like a sapling, colorful jute apparel or other accessories like bags, table mats, etc. Instead of exchanging sweets and other items, why can’t you try this? It’s good to celebrate this festival organically.

When you organize a party, make sure there are no plastics, opt for earthenware and biodegradable items as it gives classic touch for the night. Give memorable gifts for your closed ones and surprise them on Diwali night. These are small steps towards environment-friendliness; you must do this to save our environment.

Final Words

It’s our responsibility to celebrate Diwali in an Eco-friendly manner; we’ve to take a little step to create a better society for ourselves and future generations. Spread joy and happiness with everyone, Have a prosperous Diwali this year!!!


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