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Today it is hard to imagine our life without digital gadgets, especially smartphones. We take photos, listen to music, talk to people, message everyone, study, work, and entertain using iPhones and Androids. Consequently, one should feel comfortable when using them. High-quality phone cases prevent their slipping.

They protect the screen from damages. So, their function is to make smartphones serve longer.

The market offers a great variety of phone cases. They can be made of plastic, rubber, metal, and wood. Contemporary users want their digital friends to look attractive and unique. Moreover, the best option is to select a natural cover. Wooden cases are ecologically clean. Manufacturers produce different designs to satisfy the demands of their customers. One can find them on websites like https://woodgraw.com/, Amazon, eBay, and others. Reviews of users highlight the following pros and cons of wooden phone cases.

Pros of Wooden Phone Cases:

  • stylish
  • hard
  • durable
  • natural
  • comfy
  • fit the model perfectly.

Cons of Wooden Phone Cases:

  • some types are heavy
  • provide little protection to the screen.

Customers give shreds of advice concerning things a person has to pay attention to before purchasing the product. We identify the top 5 tips.

  1. First, prefer carved pics because the paint might get off due to constant rubbing.
  2. Second, use screen protector glasses because almost all wooden cases lack proper screen protection.
  3. Third, regard the presence of magnets if you need them because not all models provide them.
  4. Fourth, you can order your personalized wooden phone case. Just think of a picture, symbol, or words (sayings, names, etc.) you would like to see there and ask a manufacturer to engrave them.
  5. Fifth, consider its weight. Who would like to carry heavy gadgets? Your wood iPhone 11 case should be light and made of good quality wood. Besides, the inner side of your case should have rubber or silicon that fixes the phone and prevents the breakage of the case.

The indisputable advantage of such cases is their second-use nature. Manufacturers recycle them.

So, it is a privilege for our environment that is hard to dispute.

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