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Smart phone is a portable smart device. It is essential in our life. In some specific scenes, mobile phones may not be a good choice. At this time, smart wearable devices can better replace mobile phones. For example, smart bands are a good choice.

The price of smart bands is not high. We can own them by a low price. There are many brands in the market. It’s hard to choose. In terms of brand credibility, choosing a big brand is the best. HONOR band 5 is a good choice. We will take it as an example to describe the advantages of smart bands.

Smart Bands


I. Intelligent Sleep Record Detection

Sometimes we feel that we have slept for a long time, but we still feel tired. Apart from the reasons for good health, mostly we do not know our own sleep habits. Everyone’s physical state is different. So everyone should have their own sleep rules. HONOR band 5 uses HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology. This technology is the result of in-depth cooperation between HONOR Laboratory and CDB Center of Harvard Medical School. It can identify the sleep time of the tester. It can judge the sleep state of the tester. It can judge when consumers are in a deep sleep state, when they are in a light sleep state, etc. It will give some sleep suggestions based on these data. According to these, consumers can adjust their sleep habits, such as when to fall asleep and get up. Healthy sleep is a kind of adjustment after a hard day’s work. It is to better welcome the new day.


II. Selection of Various Sports Modes

A healthy body requires not only healthy work and rest but also daily exercise. HONOR band 5 has a built-in six-axis sensor. It can detect movement modes. There are 10 kinds of movement modes. They are outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor riding, indoor cycling. This includes free training, swimming pool swimming, indoor walking, elliptical machine and rowing machine. This is practical.

Smart Bands


Ⅲ. Blood Oxygen Saturation Detection

Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important vital signs. It can reflect the oxygen supply status of the body. If it is less than 90%, this will be considered hypoxia. Low blood oxygen can cause fatigue, drowsiness, palpitation, expectation, lack of energy and other symptoms. If it is for a long time, it will damage the body function more. This band measures pulse oxygen saturation. It is by deeply optimizing the hardware light path and algorithm, merging multiple light sources. This takes advantage of the different reflection and absorption rates of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin to a specific light. Such as signal extraction, signal enhancement, algorithm training, abnormal suppression, etc. With this function, it is very convenient to lift the band to test if you feel uncomfortable. This function of detecting is necessary for the middle-aged and the elderly. Buying a smart band for parents should be a good gift.

The above are a few of the many functions of HONOR band 5. To experience the intelligent life it brings, consumers need to experience it personally. They will discover their convenience and intelligence.

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