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best schools in dehradun best schools in dehradun

Parents start saving money for the education of their children the day their kids are born.
Every parent desires that his child gets best education. Parents look for only the best school for their kids because admission in best school somehow ensures the bright future ahead and this is all what parents wish for their children.

But how will you find out which school is the best school for your kid. School are growing like mushrooms these days and you can’t tell one school to other. All buildings look same, the syllabus looks same, and the teachers talk same. So what is that particular thing that you need to look for to find out the best of these schools for your kid?
If you are one of those parents who are wondering how to choose one best among top schools in Dehradun here are some tips for you.

Performance – You can find a huge number of residential school in Dehradun but which one is best suited for your kid how will you find that out. The best way to figure that out is by going through the past performance of the school. The Doon school, Welham’s Boarding School, Col Brown Cambridge School, Summerfield Residential School are some of the institutes that have made their names in the list of top schools by giving best performance year after year. The academic performance of the students, the extracurricular activities the school supports, the alumni, etc. provides information related to the school.

Facilities and infrastructure – The second most important thing that helps in figuring out the quality of education a school can provide is by finding out the facilities it offers to its students. Many good schools these days have smart boards, smart labs, libraries, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor games courts and many more facilities. In boarding houses efficient medical assistance and mess facilities are important. Apart from this, schools should have play grounds, theatres and many more facilities to ensure that the ward gets exposure to all kind of activities to polish its best skills.

Hostel accommodation – After school it is the hostel that provides comfort of home when the kids is away from his actual home and that is why the hostel pays an important role when it comes to study in a residential school. Hence, if you want to pick a residential school among many, you need to find out everything about the hostel buildings of the school. The hostel needs to be comfortable as well as safe for the student. Medical facilities and mess facilities are equality important for residents in hostel.

Courses and fees – The more academic choice a school offers to its students the best. And that is one of the most important information a parent need to seek about the school it is interested in. Most of the schools in India are either CBSE or ICSE board affiliated. You also need to consider this fact seriously as which board will be better for your kid in future. School fees along with hotel expenses are also important factors when you are picking a school for your child.

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