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You are surely aware that when snowboarding, you are required to put on a jacket that can keep you warm because you are in a cold environment. Most of the time it is even snowing when you play with the snowboard. Now, to keep you comfortable and have the best snowboarding experience, then you have to use the best snowboard jackets available in the market.

However, you should not just wear anything that looks like a jacket to you. That’s why it is very important for you to learn how to choose the best snowboard jacket. Through this way, you will be able to achieve the gaming experience that you are wishing for.

We have here a few tips for you to take note and be greatly considered before buying one. This will help you in choosing the one that you need and the best snowboard jacket to use.

Waterproof Rating

Keep in mind that waterproofing is an essential function that you should greatly consider when it comes to snowboard jackets. It’s because you have to avoid getting wet due to the snow. You will know that it is waterproof through the waterproof rating, the gore-tex and seams.

The waterproof rating is usually measured from 5,000 – 20,000 mm. Now, if you do not want to get wet, then make sure that the rating of the snowboard jacket is over 20,000 mm. for those with a rating of 10,000 mm, you won’t really get wet, except if the rain or snow is heavy.

When it comes to the seams, you have to check how it is sealed, which could either be critically taped or fully sealed. When it is fully sealed or taped, it means that water cannot get in. while with the critically taped seams, there is a possibility for water to get in the way because the primary seams are the only ones that were sealed.

If you would like to fully experience a waterproof jacket, then choose the ones that are designed with gore-tex, where breathable and waterproof technology as well as fully sealed seams are applied. Indeed, it is really good, however, it is also an expensive type.


Another important thing that you have to consider is, the insulation because it helps in keeping you warm. Depending on the quality, the materials or fillers used for the insulation may differ. Some are thin, while others are thick. It is usually around 120g, anyway.


You may be playing your snowboard in a cold place, but because of this activity, you may also sweat. That’s why breathability is also an important factor to consider. Keep in mind that, if sweat is trapped in your garment, then this will make you feel uncomfortable, too.

When it comes to this feature, you may look for the measurement starting from 3,000 – 20,000g. For a better experience, I suggest you to choose the ones with 10,000g of breathability, so that you won’t feel too cold nor warm.


In line with the breathability function. You should also consider the venting, especially the underarm part of the jacket. Since you are also sweating, then it is also important for this vent to have a mesh lining or zip.

Sometimes, you may have to zip or unzip it, depending on your activity. That’s why it is also important that you can easily reach the vents for ease of use.

Hood and Pocket

Depending on how you want to use it, you may find a snowboard jacket with a hood and pockets as well. For some people, they prefer hooded jackets because this supports their head and neck during the cold and wet days. The hood may be dismantled, too. Some of these may have zip, so that you can always remove and put it on when needed.

There are individuals, who likes putting on items in their pockets, especially when they do not want to bring a bag. Well, if this is how you want it, then you have to choose a snowboard jacket that is designed with side pockets. This will be very helpful to store your mobile phone or other important things to carry while playing the snowboard.

Size and Looks

For the size, of course, you have to make sure that it fits you well – not too loose nor too tight. This will help you to be comfortable and at ease. Anyway, these jackets are designed with a variety of sizes, so choose what fits right.

Some of you, especially ladies would surely want to look good even with this one. Some come with fur or feather designs, while others are in plain colors. Anyway, this is a personal preference for you to decide. Therefore, you can always choose the one that looks good on you. Pick whatever suits your taste because you are the one, who will wear it, anyway.



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