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Solitaire – when you hear of the name, what’s the most striking image that comes to your mind? We bet it’s a solitaire diamond ring or an earring with exceptional cut and shine! Indeed, solitaires have carved their own place in the heart of people around the world. With the precision they are designed and the timeless elegance they evoke – Solitaires are the most picked priced possessions today.

But choosing the solitaire earrings is easier said than done. If you aren’t careful enough, you might end up buying a fake one. And if you don’t lay enough attention, the diamond you select might now reverberate as much shine or precision as you would have dreamt of. The singular special quality of a solitaire diamond is its precision. Here is how to choose the best solitaire diamonds:

The cut of a solitaire

One of the most significant factors that distinguish other diamonds from a solitaire is its cut. It has an impact on the diamond’s value and also crafts the brightness that the diamond will reflect. There are many ways that a diamond is cut i.e. oval, emerald, round, cushion, trillion, princess, etc. And each of the cuts has its own charm. While a round cut renders higher sparkle and shine, the oval and marquise cuts make the diamond look larger.

Colour of your diamonds

Diamonds, in its natural essence, are found in varied hues. From blues to yellows and browns – the shades differ and so do their value. The clear and colorless diamonds are the rarest of all and are the most expensive and desirable ones. Colorless Solitaires make for the perfect Solitaire earrings for women and are full of shine, sharp cuts, and beauty. These are high-quality stones that one can use for their rings, pendants, etc.

Diamond clarity

Of course, diamonds aren’t perfect from the very inception. These have inclusions and blemishes which aren’t visible to the naked eye. But these imperfections are what define the appearance of the diamonds and also their value. When investing in a solitaire diamond, its best to get to know the diamond and check its clarity. A high clarity grade means the diamond has fewer imperfections or blemishes and truly is as significant as you dream of. The low clarity diamonds are available for a lesser price in the market and can be chosen when you don’t want to invest much in your jewelry.

Metric carats – measure your diamonds

The weight of diamonds is measured in Metric Carats and is denoted by the letter ‘K’. One carat is equal to 1/5th of a gram and is further classified into 100 points. While the weight never denoted how rare or precious a diamond is, but it reflects its value in the market. The higher the diamond weighs, or the larger the diamond is, the higher will be the Carats and thus it will be valued at a higher price. The carats of two different types of diamonds cannot be compared as they have their unique hues, imperfections, and cuts.

Certification is necessary

Not all diamonds are truly worth your choice. The gemstones are tested for perfection and granted certification to speak for their authenticity, quality, and weight! Before you rush into buying a solitaire, its best to ask for the certification and look for authenticity. Only certified diamonds are to be purchased when you are shelling hordes of money into buying them.

As rare the diamonds are, one should exercise a sharp interest in selecting its hues, size, and design. Look beyond the design and calculate the important metrics on which the diamonds are compared. Choose the rarest, best and the most suitable diamonds for yourself!

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