Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
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Shipping is not only an essential part of an online transaction but also it is one of the most stressful part of it. The buyer has already made the payment for the product, so they anticipate that their product will reach to their doorstep as soon as possible.

However, most e-commerce websites fail to present customers what they need. As result customers request for money back and by no means return to their store again. It takes only common sense to say that those customers will love to get intuitive shipping experience. Thanks to services like Shiply, the customer has numerous options to choose for his shipping needs. Here are a few easy ways through which you may enhance your buyer’s shipping experience.

  1. Provide an estimated delivery date.

Most buyers want a timely delivery of their purchased products. About seventy percent of consumers want to get an anticipated shipping date or a guaranteed shipping date for each available delivery option. This is one of the most primary features, but maximum online shops do not have it of their website.

  1. Provide inexpensive and safe shipping options.

Customers like choice, and versions. Offering one-day, two-days, normal or express delivery alternatives can increase your sales because you can offer the cheapest possible shipping alternative. Moreover you have to take the safety of the items seriously. Say, if you are shipping large or delicate items, you’ll have to make sure that the insulation and cushioning is sufficient. There are, great vibration monitoring tools that can be helpful in preventing damage. Consider making your packages with these types responsive shipping tools.

  1. Offer free shipping

Shipping charges these days are excessive. Offer incentive to particular clients like free shipping once they reach a potential amount or if the client is near a particular area. This will help you to make your customers attracted to your offers and shop right away. Weigh scales are really important in shipping and transportation of the products and to ensure exact weight & measurements.

  1. Notify your customers at all times.

When customers don’t get any notification about shipping, they may consider that something is wrong and start calling the e-commerce shop. To avoid pointless phone calls, collaborate with the transport agency by means of having them send transport notifications along with your shipping notification. It can also be helpful if you mention the name of the purchase in the subject of the mail.

  1. Offer SMS updates

Many buyers come from mobile devices and a whole lot of people use mobile phone nowadays. If you can offer SMS updates along with e-mail updates this may assist clients to have a mental peace while shopping to your shop.

  1. Streamline the shipping process.

In the sector of e-commerce, faster is better. So, ensure that your employees are immediately notified whilst an order is made. Have all of the packaging materials geared up so while an order is placed, it may be sent to the shipping agency right away. Get rid of any useless steps with a purpose to avoid any kind of delay.

  1. Provide strategic inventory placement

Placing your inventory in places that could attain maximum of your clients could be an excellent approach to acquire more sales. It will not only improve consumer experience but also will decrease your delivery time, reduce transportation cost, and most of all, you can provide free shipping.

  1. Make returns easy

Returns are a part of any retail business and e-commerce sites are not any exception. This is because online shops have more than forty percent return rates on an average as compared to offline stores. No matter why, you need to make it convenient for the client to return the product to ensure great customer support. Incorporating an excellent shipping software can be a great way to make returns as easy as possible. Shipping software can manage the work from pickup, line haul, and return to your dock. Your e-commerce store can achieve more loyal customers if you are able to make the return procedure.

These are a number of the methods that can help you to enhance your customer’s shipping experience. If you want for a faster and greater streamlined transport experience, follow the above mentioned steps carefully.

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