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It was the 1960s when the tights made it to the world of fashion. The trend of the miniskirt also started in the 1960s. Before that, garter belts of short outfits were used to be visible and girls had to wear stockings. And now, gatta tights, open tight, black opaque tights and other styles are essentials for a girl’s wardrobe. However, there are users, bloggers and designers still debating about the right way of wearing tights. Some even debate if one should wear tights or not. When you visit a clothing store, you can notice models and mannequins showing outfits without pantyhouse. Let’s clear some doubts in this article.   

Every season brings new fashion changes. So, there are limited rules when it comes to wearing black opaque tights and other tights with shoes and dresses. However, when there are limited rules, you can bravely experiment while being aware of some regularities, nuances and fashion taboos. 

Following are the important factors you have to consider while choosing tights: 

  • Style appropriate for an environment or event. 
  • Your age 
  • Your taste 
  • Fashion trends 
  • Weather

While doing your experiments, there are some basic rules you have to follow. For example, you should wear massive shoes and denser cloth with denser tights. Avoid wearing dense tights with business suits. Thickers and warmer ones are perfect with skirts. You can wear these tights with dresses made from wool, denim or knitwear.

Don’t think about saving money. When you are buying tights, spend money on quality. Cheap quality tights stretch easily and tear. This can create unattractive folds. The colour is often unevenly distributed. 

Avoid Wearing shimmery tights or tan tights. There is no need to put on tights when it is hot. If you don’t find it comfortable to wear mini- and midi-skirts without tights, you can wear long skirts or pants. You don’t want to catch cold by wearing transparent Gatta tights in the colder season. You can wear 20 denier tights if you are going outside for a couple of minutes. Avoid wearing dense black tights when it’s sunny and warm at the end of spring or the beginning of fall. 

Socks over tights never look great. You can keep socks over tights when you are wearing boots and socks won’t be visible.

Leave white tights for fashion shows only as it is not easy to match them with other clothes. If you are following these simple rules, wearing tights with open shoes is not a taboo. 

  • Wear footwear with high heels.
  • Don’t wear tights with a nude colour.   
  • Don’t make seams or reinforced toes visible. 
  • Avoid wearing too transparent tights.   

You can create informal-grunge looks by combining tights and open summer shoes. It is not necessary to have both in identical colours.    

When you are wearing light sandals, flat shoes, loafers or any other footwear without heels, it is not recommended to wear tights of any density. However, fashion mongers are combining tights with sneakers. This will give you a modern, casual look. When you are wearing winter boots, autumn boots, ankle boots or any other closed-toe massive shoes, you can wear your favourite tights. 

Do try different combinations when you are wearing patterned tights in UK. However, don’t break the basic rules.

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