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In recent years, tungsten rings have become the second choice, just behind gold rings and bands, and is one of the most popular ring-making metals. For modern wedding band designs, it is a stylish and affordable option that allows people to make a statement by wearing something that defies tradition. Those who are ready to swim against the tide will fall in love with the extra-strong metal that is among the hardest metals on earth. Tungsten is so hard that it is the best metal for making cutting tools. Tungsten wedding bands have excellent wearability because it suits human skin perfectly and looks highly fashionable. 

Although the metal was meant for industrial use, it is now set to break the monopoly of gold and silver in jewelry making. Not many people know much about it or whether it will be useful for their purpose. 

In this article, we will introduce the metal briefly and underline the reasons for choosing Tungsten to create fashionable jewelry with Top Fashion Stories.

Tungsten carbide and not Tungsten

Tungsten is the hardest metal and the heaviest among all jewelry metals. Although we name the rings and bands after the metal tungsten, the metal used for jewelry making is not pure tungsten but tungsten carbide, which consists of almost 85% tungsten and 15% carbon, cobalt or nickel. Tungsten is very brittle, and that makes it suitable for jewelry making. It is necessary to mix carbon to it to make the metal more workable and durable. Nickel or cobalt acts as a binder and helps to give the desired shape to the metal, which makes tungsten carbide one of the top metals for making rings and bands. Visit Tungsten Rings for more information.

Tungsten is affordable

Unlike precious metals, tungsten is quite affordable, and the price depends on the grade of tungsten carbide used for making the jewelry. Higher is the quality in terms of tungsten, carbon, and nickel content, higher is the price. Tungsten bands and rings have excellent looks and as much comfortable to wear like gold and silver jewelry, while having an almost similar appeal. The price difference is huge, with tungsten carbide jewelry being much easy on your wallet. 

High durability

Tungsten is most durable among all jewelry metals and has a hardness of 9Moh followed by titanium and rhodium (6Moh), platinum and palladium (4.5Moh), and gold(3Moh). Having the highest hardness, titanium is completely scratch resistant because only a harder metal can create a dent on tungsten, and there is none to challenge it.  


Besides hardness, tungsten is suitable for jewelry making because it is resistant to corrosion and does not tarnish. Tungsten bands retain its shine and color for years that looks like new. Another reason for retaining the luster and shine is that it is scratch-resistant, and the surface remains unscratched. 


Tungsten bands are available in various colors, and gunmetal gray is the most popular color for making attractive and fashionable wedding bands. At the other end of the spectrum are white and bands that look gorgeous.

Tungsten is heavy, and it gives the feeling of wearing a solid ring on the finger that most men like.


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