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Ok, so before we jump into how to create your sales funnel first let me explain what sales funnel is. I am gonna give a short description of it.

To make you easy to understand that what are sales funnels, here is an example;

The people at the top of the sales funnel walk by your store. A certain amount of people decide to walk into the store. This is the first step of the funnel, then a customer sees a rack of T-shirts or pants. He or she scavenges the racks, this is their second step of the funnel.

After that they select, let say 3 shirts, it doesn’t matter how many they select and walks to check out. This is the last step of the funnel. If it goes well, they have successfully purchased the item and reached the bottom of the funnel.

Now the same process goes for every business in a way or another. Your sales funnel could be in any form;

  1. They can exist in the form of Email.
  2. They can be as a Retail store.
  3. As a Sales Team.
  4. Personal Consultation.
  5. And also in a most efficient way, that is a Website.

So any type of marketing can be a part of a sales funnel and it can be spread across various channels.

How To Build Sales Funnel Fast

Well, now you know what sales funnel is, the next step is how to create it. Well don’t get so feared, it is not difficult as it seems.

Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior

When it comes to creating your sales funnels, the step you need to know is the behavior of your audience. Here’s why you are not marketing to everyone. You are marketing to those people who you think best fits in what you sell.

Let’s set an example, sign up to My Page account, and start creating snapshots. This behavior of the user will help you monitor your site activity and also able to figure out how people engage in your site.

Where do they Go? What do they search for? When do they scroll? How much time do they spend? All these and more will help you refine your buyer’s personas.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

The best way to have your sales funnel work is if you can get peoples attention. Meaning putting your content in front of your audience.

Posting tons of content across your platform, expanding it with videos, infographics, and various types of content.

If you are willing to spend more cash, try running a few ads. The ideal place for running your ads is where your audience hangs out. Like if you are selling computer accessories than the best place to run your ad is Facebook.

Build A Landing Page

Your ad and content you posted needs to take your candidates straight to your page. You want to direct them to a landing page with a can’t miss offer.

It will help you grow more and more audience.

Create An Email Drip Campaign

Market your business via E-mail by providing amazing content. Teach about your market? What do they need to learn? What objection do you need to convince them to buy?

At the end make an incredible offer. Offer that they can’t resist.

Keep In Touch

Don’t forget about your current or existing customers. In fact, offer them with coupon codes, thank them for their purchasing and involve them in your social media sphere.


The BEST I have found for creating sales funnels is Clickfunnels. You can learn more about Clickfunnels Pricing from here.

Now you know what sales funnels are and how you can build it. It is not a complicated method to do.


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