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Becoming a micro celebrity on social media platforms have reached massive attention as many millennials and boomers make their way to reach out to millions of like-minded fans in this highly digitalized world of today. One cannot argue on the opportunities to gain popularity on social media platforms. Whether you are a brand, a start-up, a fashion blogger, an upcoming music artist or a simple plain old joe, basically everyone is looking for ways to get noticed. 

One way to make your presence felt is to be everywhere. There is no shortage of social media platforms to get the attention you’re looking for. One of the social media giant that is making its way to the top is TikTok. TikTok is popularly recognized as a short form, video sharing social media app with more than 800 million active users worldwide. 

The TikTok app allows users to create a wide range of videos from recreating movie clips, challenges, dance videos, tricks to funny memes videos using a selection of sounds, song snippets, special effects, filters. What makes TikTok different from other apps is its broader scope to create quirky videos that showcases individuality with its creative contents. There is no hard fact on what videos to make, it is a great way to reach out to millions of people and connect with them in a unique way.

Due to its simplified video creation and viewing process, highly entertaining and addictive video contents, TikTok is growing and so is its follower base. If you’re looking for gaining popularity and on this video sharing app and are new to the TikTok world, then we have got all the information to help you get started. From the how to create a TikTok account to how to use TikTok to the types of videos you can post. You don’t want to miss out.

A quick look into what is TikTok and its features

In the social media realm, TikTok paved way by proclaiming itself as one of the most widely used and downloaded video sharing app of today. Initially in 2014, Musically had dominated the younger market targeting the Gen Z and gained quite an attention but slowly faded into the background. It wasn’t until 2018, the Chinese startup acquired Musically and relaunched it as TikTok giving it an international appeal. It offers a unique combination of lip syncing and micro video content that won the hearts of 800 million users worldwide. 

The TikTok app portrays itself as a short form of entertainment, primarily focusing on making and sharing video content of 15 seconds or 1-minute max in length. The videos on the feed can be scrolled up and down much like Instagram. TikTok content creators can make use of various filters, search sounds to give videos more depth and even connect with other users through ‘response’ or ‘duet’ videos whereas users can recreate, duplicate or add themselves alongside the videos. 

Hashtags plays a significant role on the TikTok. The app run contests and challenges to carry local trends using localized hashtags. Users create various TikTok challenges, jokes, repeating scenarios, or any other entertaining activity that keeps viewers engaged for long hours. 

TikTok is a ‘free for all kind of app’ that makes it easy for anyone and everyone to make videos with the help of various tools and prompts that offers its users on the platform. Users can select from extensive range of sounds from popular music clips to recreating short moments from favorite TV shows, YouTube videos or even other TiKTok videos. They can participate in dare-like challenges, join dance meme, create tutorials, makes jokes or even raise awareness through TikTok videos. 

TikTok provides an endless pool of creative contents and offers the ability to post about anything from humor, fitness, travel, dance, fashion, cooking to every category on this planet is open to all and gain massive exposure. Tiktok is not just about entertainment, there is an increase attention in both educational, aspirational and business related contents. Appealing videos are reshared quickly on the ‘For You page’ on the TikTok feed and attracts millions of views.

The basic features of the app

    • Video uploading: Users can upload, rotate, crop or even change the playback speed of videos.
    • Video editing; Users can edit videos using various toolset of AR effects and filters, stickers, animations.
    • Live streaming: Content creators can live stream on TikTok, this a premium feature 
    • Social sharing: TikTok videos can be shared on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and even Facebook.


  • Soundtracks: The main feature is the ability to add a sound, music clips to their short videos from TikTok’s in built library.
  • Duet option: Tiktok users can create video and add the #duetwithme hashtag. This can be shared with others to create a series of different users joining in with them.


How to create a TikTok account?

Alright now before considering on posting videos on TikTok to start your TikTok content creation passion, you need to know how to create a TikTok account, here is how:

Step 1:  First you’ll need to download the Tiktok app which is available on both Android, iOS, Windows as well as Amazon Appstore. Videos might play automatically to give you first-hand experience on the site.

Step 2: When you open the app, click on Me icon that appear on the bottom of the app.

Step 3: To make an account, you will be provided with three options; sign up using your email, phone number or via Facebook or any other social media accounts. The app will link the platform based on what you select. If you sign up with your Facebook account or any existing social media account, the app will automatically assign you a username and profile image. You can edit the username later on. 

If you sign up manually then you’ll need to provide your birthday, phone number or email address and then set a password. A confirmation code will be sent to verify your account either via SMS or email depending on how you choose to sign up.

Step 4: You will need to allow the app to access certain folders and hardware on your phone. Click Accept. 

And that is all, you are all set to start creating videos on TikTok.

How to start creating contents on TikTok?

Once you’ve have created an account, it’s time to start creating videos on TikTok.


  • Record your video


To start recording your very first Tiktok video, you need to tap on the plus button on the bottom of the screen. TikTok allows users to record videos from 15 seconds to 1-minute max. Start by creating shorter videos before going for longer ones to help you get the hang of it. Select the duration at the bottom of the screen according to your preference. You can record all sort of videos while adding a song, lip syncing, dancing or even film something you find interesting and then add sound effects.


  • Select recording features


TikTok offers some great recording features to record and edit videos. On the recording screen, you’ll see many functions; flip function to switch your camera front or back, speed function to control the playback speed as well as a timer to set your position. You can make use of these functions to give more base to your video and grab viewer’s attention.


  • Use visual effects


To create great and creative videos, you’ll need to use TikTok effects. Tap on the Effects icon, a variety of effects will show up. The Green Screen is the most popular effect on TikTok, it allows users to add different background to their video. The Shake effect creates clones and copies every move which is a pretty interesting effect that one can add to their videos. Other visual effects include rainbow, water, snow and feather effects; the app allows to change filters in whichever way they like. There are Snapchat-like filters on TikTok, simply tap on the stickers and choose the filter to add to videos. There are amazing TikTok effects transitions that you add from scroll, rotate, slip, slit as reverse effect to make your videos more interesting.


  • Add a sound, music or audio clips


On the very top of the recording screen, you’ll see the sound icon. Click on this to add sound, music or audio clip to your videos. TikTok has an in-built music library that users can take advantage of, apart from that you can search for sound tracks or choose from your own playlist. There is an option to record your own voice or sound to your video. Simply tap and hold the red button while you record. You can publish this and Tiktok will register your track as an “Original sound”, which other users can incorporate in their videos if they want too.


  • Add text to your videos


Adding a text overlay or sticker to your videos will add narrative to your videos. To add text, tap on the text icon and type your text that you want to appear on the video. You can edit, drag, change font type and size or resize the text by selecting the text and an edit menu option will pop up.


  • Make sure to add a caption


A TikTok caption has a character limit of 150 characters and this includes hashtags. Ensure to keep the caption short and simple. Use keywords to increase visibility on the TikTok feed. 


  • Choose the right Hashtags


To enhance your chances of being discovered on TikTok, you will need to add Hashtags. Tiktok offers its users a bunch of automated Hashtag suggestions. Type in a few keywords and TikTok will suggest you the most popular hashtags to use. You can create your own customized hashtags as well.


  • Share it on other Platforms


TikTok videos can be shared via other social media platforms which creates organic boost and enhances more views. At the bottom of the screen, there is an option to share your video on Instagram. You can even redirect Instagram to post this video. The more you share the more audience you can reach.

TikTok contains a whole lot of user generated contents that are entertaining and addictive in nature. Now you know how to create a TikTok account and how to create videos on Tiktok. Make the best use of TikTok in built features, to make captivating videos that fits your best interests and build connections with the TikTok universe. 

TikTok is a great marketing ground for many start-ups, brands and businesses to reach out to millions of people. If you’re thinking of getting bulk verified TikTok accounts to enhance your business visibility, then PVA E Shop has got the best package at the most affordable rate. 

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