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Most of the double-sash windows don’t protect you from drafts well enough. Classic models are not designed with this purpose, and that’s why most homeowners have to turn to sash windows repair St Albans. Over time, the problem gets worse. If you don’t take care of your double-glazed windows, they will wear even faster.

The heat transfer coefficient in windows with sashes is 4.5 W/m²K, if their design doesn’t differ from the traditional one. This figure is much lower in the center of the product. It also decreases due to improper use or destruction of any part of the wooden frame. In accordance with modern requirements, the coefficient of heat transfer on the wall (it doesn’t matter if there is a window or not) should not exceed 0.3 W/m²K.

Windows require timely restoration. If you don’t want to change your glass unit completely, replace the part that has worn out the most. This will help you to preserve your window how it used to be and increase its energy efficiency.

How big is the problem?

Sash windows were really popular not so long ago. People installed them everywhere. It was believed that this type of glass unit provides sufficient protection from the cold, as well as sound insulation. Structures installed tens or even hundreds of years ago require repair or replacement. Glass is replaced to reduce the level of heat loss, although not everywhere.

Many owners don’t want to repair wooden windows in St Albans, as they are afraid that this will affect the facade of their building. Professionals can replace your sashes, a part of them, or insert new glass quickly and carefully. These actions will not affect the appearance of your double-glazed unit, and the energy efficiency coefficient will be increased several times. If you don’t live in an architectural monument, you can update the design of your sashes and install new windows.

What can be done?

Besides timber windows repair in St Albans, we offer alternative methods to reduce heat loss. Warm air masses escape through windows and doors, which makes you overpay for electricity. To avoid unnecessary costs, try to:

  1. Install blinds or blackout curtains. They can significantly reduce the level of heat loss. Blinds are especially popular in the cold season and in the evenings. Close windows and curtains, and you will notice how much warmer your home becomes.
  2. Use draft protection – simple masking tape over the window joints will do. It can be positioned between the sashes or where the frame touches the wall. It’s efficient to glue the area between the window and the sill. The tape can damage paint – remove it carefully. There is another option – using special metal strips. They perfectly eliminate drafts and can be moved around the window.
  3. Select secondary glazing. This type of sash window repair in St Albans will not affect the appearance of your glass unit. It is designed to protect your home from the cold. Additional glazing is suitable as a temporary measure before replacing your glass unit completely.

A cheaper way is to use adhesive tape on your window. It limits heat loss and is easy to remove. You will notice that there will be less drafts, and using additional heating devices will help you maintain a constant temperature at home.

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