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In India, wedding celebrations are incomplete without getting mehandi done. It’s an integral part of our tradition. It not only looks beautiful and adds colour, but is additionally believed to bring good luck to the bride.

According to the old wives’ tale – ‘the darker the mehandi, the more your husband will love you’. While nobody knows if there’s any significance actually about this, but every bride wants her mehandi to seem rich and dark in colour. 

To get the specified colour, here we’ve found some natural ways to darken your mehandi design on your big day.

#1 Wash Your Hands Properly Before Applying Mehandi

Wash your palms thoroughly with soap before you sit right down to apply mehndi. Confirm no cream or lotion is applied to your hands before getting the mehandi done.

#2 Apply essential oil 

After washing your hands apply this oil to your hands and feet to urge a darker colour of your mehandi.

#3 Tea or Coffee Mixture

Soak some tea or coffee in water for a short time and add this liquid while the mehandi is being prepared giving it a deep and dark mehandi colour.

#4 Go Chemical Free

Use natural mehandi because it lasts longer than the one chemically added thereto. Natural mehandi comes out darker and can leave you with a more beautiful colour too.

#5 Let Your Mehandi Dry Naturally With Time

Don’t shake your hands or use a hand blower, let your mehandi to dry naturally with time. If possible, leave the mehandi for a minimum of 8-10 hours. the simplest is to urge the mehandi wiped out the evening or night, keep it overnight then scrape it off within the morning.

#6 Lemon and Sugar Mixture

After your Mehandi is dried a touch, apply a mix of juice and sugar to your hands. This may help the mehandi to stay to your hand for an extended period and provides a darker colour.

#7 How to make the mixture?

Take one lemon, squeeze it during a bowl and add sugar thereto. Warm up this mixture a touch and dab it on gently employing a plant disease over your mehandi design.

#8 Wrap Your Hands Once Your Mehandi Is Dried

Before getting to sleep simply wear socks/gloves or cover your mehandi area with a bandage or any cloth just to stay it warm (and also to avoid any mess on the bed). 

If you get your mehandi wiped out the daytime, then also you’ll cover your hands and feet as this may help in making your mehandi colour darker.

#9 Run Your Hands over the Fumes of the Cloves

Place around 8-10 pieces of cloves during a pan or a tawa, heat it then run your hands over the smoke. Repeat it for a minimum of 4-5 times to urge a darker shade. I don’t know the idea behind it, but this trick has actually worked for me!

TWB Tip: Keep your hands few inches far away from the stove and permit the smoke of the clove to succeed in your Mehandi.

#10 Vicks/Balms tothe Rescue

After keeping the mehandi overnight, you’ll now remove it by scraping it off with a table knife, or by softly rubbing your palms together rather than using water, as water won’t allow the mehandi to urge a darker shade. 

Once the mehandi is scrapped, apply some Vicks, tiger balm, mustard or any pickle oil everywhere your hand. These balms and oils give heat to your hands and provides you a dark-coloured mehandi.

#11 Apply well beforehand 

Mehandi usually gives its darkest shade after 2 days. Confirm there’s a niche of 1-2 days between applying the mehandi and your function.

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