Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Scion Staffing is a recruiting firm that has won an award as the best recruiting firm in the United States of America. The central office of Scion Staffing is located in Portland. Generally, the Scion Staffing has cooperated with the companies, organization, executive organization to gain and connect the company with the professional staff. Nowadays, Scion Staffing has been worked with more than 12.000.000 candidate options. In addition, they also work with the private professional about 170.000. Basically, the staffing divisions in Scion Staffing can be divided into four areas that are Corporate, Information Technology, Non-Profit, and Executive Search. Those divisions can be divided into some categories. Therefore, the client can select based on their company’s need.

On the other hand, based on the client’s type, the Scion Staffing can be divided into four groups that are Scion Corporate Staffing, Scion Technical, Scion Nonprofit, and Science Executive. Each group has its own targeted client. For example, the Scion Corporate Staffing can work for recruiting the staff in corporate industries, start-up, temporary staffing, permanent staffing, and others. Meanwhile, the Science Technical can work with the corporation in the term of technical and creative talent to lead the brand of the company. On the other hand, the Scion Nonprofit will work to recruit the staff for the nonprofit organization and institution. And, the Scion Executive will look for the leadership for the nonprofit organization, foundations, and even the educational institution. One of the programs in the Scion Executive is Education Executive Search. This program will look for the talented executive to be the leader of the educational institution. The selected candidates will show the good performance of leadership, motivations, and creativity to bring good changes in the educational institution.

In order to achieve the best candidates to be the executive leader in the educational institution, the Scion Executive Search has conducted some selection process. The first process is a detailed analysis. The Scion Executive Search will study the detail and background of the client’s organization. They will evaluate the needs of the organization and determine the criteria of candidates. They will also consult with the stakeholders in order to make some criteria for the candidates. The second one is recruiting. In this process, the Scion Executive search will identify the qualified candidates, advertise the job vacancy, and recruit the candidate. The third one is networking. In this step, the Scion Executive Search will look for the candidate background, portfolio, and other information of the connected institution to gain detailed information about the candidate. The fourth one is the screening process. In this step, the candidates will be interviewed by the Scion Executive Search to get the motivational and purpose of the candidates. In addition, the screening process can make the Scion Executive Search know the detail of the candidates. The next step is evaluation. In this step, the initial judgment will be made upon the candidate so that the match candidate can be chosen. After that, the candidate will do a presentation about the expected careers and salary. Then, the client will be interviewed to see their insight. After that, the final checking reference is done before the final decision.

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