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relaxing massageHow to do a relaxing massage?

What happiness! Want to relax? Need well-being? All without leaving your home? In this article, we have concocted an instruction manual for a successful relaxing massage at home. Will you be the massage or the masseur, it’s up to you!

What is a relaxing massage?

The relaxing massage has one and only vocation:

to relax. Under no circumstances will this massage solve a health problem. To do this, contact your doctor. He will refer you to a professional, such as a physiotherapist. Here, we are only talking about papillae, relaxation, well-being, letting go and  like this course here.

And we have a great system:

the skin. It is a real barrier between our environment and ourselves, it is made up of an infinite number of ultra-sensitive nerve endings. The mobile massage Barbados will make our skin vibrate, set the receptors hidden there in motion and diffuse this feeling of pleasure and softness… So let’s go for a pure moment of relaxation!

Preparing for a relaxing massage

To relax well, you need a place conducive to relaxation! Choose a room where you will be quiet, somewhat isolated from the noise of the house. Then, create a peaceful atmosphere. You can dim the light, position candles, put on music, burn incense, etc. It all depends on what will help the person being massaged to relax. Bring pillows of different sizes, they can be useful for positioning the receiver. Arrange in the room and within easy reach, everything you will need to avoid constant back and forth.

Relaxing massage: what equipment?

Two accessories are essential for a successful 마사 every time.

Some napkins

You’re going to need towels and if they’re warm that’s even better. For that, either you spend a few minutes in your dryer (it’s not very ecological,… but for the pleasure of the other, we are ready for anything, right?). Or, you expose them for a few minutes on the towel dryer in the bathroom. These towels will be used during the massage and after. By placing them on the part of the body that has just been massaged, the heat is thus preserved and the feeling of relaxation prolonged.

A massage oil

This is the other essential accessory for a successful massage. Essential or vegetable oil, it’s up to you to see what you prefer, the range is huge. If you don’t want to invest in massage oil, moisturizing milk or body cream will do just fine. Oil or milk makes it easier to massage. Indeed, your hands covered with “fat” glide better on the skin. This facilitates and fluidifies the gestures and as a bonus, you have a “2 in 1 treatment” since the skin is nourished.

What is the right position for a relaxing massage?

Sitting or lying down? That is the question! Spontaneously, we want to answer lying down. Well, think again. According to some massage experts, for beginners, the seated position is the most suitable. The person to be massaged is seated on a chair without a back or with a low back. Leaning forward and to be completely comfortable, pillows or cushions help him find the right position.

Nevertheless, the lying position seems the most natural and easy to adopt at home. On the other hand, doing a 마사 on the bed is not necessarily the best. Often too soft, bedding is not always ideal. Better to prepare a nice massage area directly on the floor. Put a duvet or a blanket, some cushions under the head or under the feet, to position the recipient’s body well… and you can start the massage.

Trust the massed

Do not hesitate to talk to him, to ask him if he has particular tensions or specific desires. Explain how the massage session will unfold. Whether it’s your other half, your best friend, your child, or your parent, the guinea pig must be naked or in its underwear. No obstacle should come between the masseur’s hands and the skin. The person being massaged is covered with a towel or a blanket so as not to be cold. Only the massaged part is uncovered during the manipulation. For first contact, your hands should be warm. Nothing worse than icy hands to stress the body of the person who is going to be massaged. 

Getting a relaxing massage right: essential tips

Shoulders, neck, lower back, flanks, lumbar… there are many areas to be massaged.By following our tips you will put all the chances on your side so that this relaxing Nuru massage will be unforgettable.

Always be in contact with the skin. One hand must always remain resting on the receiver’s body. Even if you need to reposition a towel, take more oil, and remember to always leave a hand on the body.Use your whole hand, you don’t massage with your fingertips! To avoid the tickling, massage gently and without hurting, but firmly. The hands are at the controls, they are the ones who direct.

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