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Postpartum BellyOptions to Improve Postpartum Belly in Austin, TX

Congratulations, your body has done it, passed through the most challenging phase of life, and welcomed a new human to this world – that is super incredible!

According to studies, 80% of women gain anything between 10 to 20kgs weight during pregnancy. And losing this weight is not easy at all. Juggling between the responsibilities of being a new mom and returning to an old body can be a challenging task to meet.

If you are the same as other women, you must have got battle wounds to prove what you have been through. Yes, we are talking about postpartum life, including depression, nightmares, and that postpartum belly.

At times, you think of having a flat belly over newborn cuddles. But stop thinking like that and celebrate your body for what it is gone through and done. With the help of Austin body contouring and rejuvenation services, you can get the body you have dreamed of.

Research shows that starting mild exercises after you have given birth to the baby is not only good for your health but also helps in coping postpartum depression. Not only exercise, but many other ways help you to get back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Disclaimer: Not every pregnancy is the same, so before you begin exercising or take any rejuvenation service, visit your doctor to stay advised and prescribed. 

Understand Your Postpartum Belly

Delivering a baby is no joke, and it doesn’t get you away from having a baby bump in just a night. Of course, things take time to settle, and so does our body. Some new-mommies can quickly heal from what they have been through, and for others, it can be a long drag.

To understand your postpartum belly, read out the timeline below:

From Home to Labor Room

Most women can easily lose up to 12 pounds right after giving birth to their babies, shown in research. The weight loss right after labor depends upon the baby’s size and weight of the amniotic fluid. After you deliver your baby, you will still look six months pregnant, but that’s pretty ok to expect.

The First Six Weeks of Post-delivery

Your belly starts slimming down gradually as the uterus starts shrinking back to its usual size. Through urine, the body flushes out the excessive fluids. The stretched-out muscles of the abdomen and lax skin will begin to firm up and come back to their original shape. In case, you had a cesarean section, it can take at least two weeks for your wounds to heal and six weeks (or longer) to fully recover.

Six to Eight Weeks Postpartum

By this time, the uterus has probably returned to its usual size and position in the pelvis. At this moment, you might drop a few KGs as well, yet unable to reach pre-pregnancy weight for weeks to come (or maybe months). Your stretched abdominal muscles may require some toning up, which can only be earned through exercises.

Is It Normal to Loose Skin after Giving Birth?

Saggy skin around the midsection after you have given birth to a baby is way too common.

During pregnancy, the muscles and skin of a woman gradually stretch to have room for her growing fetus. Once a woman gives birth, it can take many weeks or even months for the skin to come to its pre-pregnancy shape. Some women may discover that their skin has lost some of its elasticity – which is completely normal. It can be taken back to its usual elasticity through rejuvenation services introduced in Austin, TX.

Give your skin some time to relax and recover –stop stressing out. Today, we live in a technological world; where nothing is impossible. It is healthy to go for some abdominal toning exercises before considering any invasive procedure, like tummy tuck and body contouring to get back your pre-pregnancy body. If you have had C-section, seek advice from your Dr before you wear an abdominal binder to support loose skin.

Options to Improve Postpartum Belly

Developing your core strength can help tone body muscles. Additionally, there is an extra benefit of doing it: strong abs formation that can support your back muscles and lower the pain. Just be careful to not rush anything, specifically abdominal workout, because it could interrupt your after-birth recovery.

Give your body a month or two to heal, and remember that a ‘mommy makeover’ cannot be attained after a set of procedures; you can have one that suits you. Here we have a few surgical options discussed below for you to pick one that helps you improve postpartum belly; let’s have a look:

Body Contouring

Body contouring is an effective surgical process through which you can get back your pre-pregnancy body. You can take this procedure to resize and reshape your belly. However, not alone body contouring can help; you also need to take a tummy-tuck procedure for a belly you dreamed of. To know, body contouring is a non-invasive and non-surgical process. This body-shaping procedure is designed for those who crave having a toned muscle appearance.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure that involves the removal of excessive skin and fat from the abdomen. It is one of the best surgical treatments one can have to reduce postpartum belly. Since the hormonal level of a woman who delivered her baby just now is higher than usual, it is best to wait for six months. It is because the hormones contribute to skin elasticity, the wait will give your skin a chance to settle down.

Breast Lift

A breast lift can also be known as breast augmentation. It is a process in which a breast lift involves the removal of excess skin to reshape the breasts. And it may also include shifting of nipple and areola for a more natural look. A breast lift involves the inclusion of an implant behind the skin and breast tissue that enlarges it and gives it a shape. For new mommies, who lost their breast shape and have loose breast muscles, a breast lift is an option to restore the pre-pregnancy appearance.

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