Thu. May 23rd, 2024
How to Earn Money from YouTube?

YouTube can be a way to make money. Whether it’s just extra money or something you can live with depends on your audience’s success.

Remember that it is not easy to reach the level where you can earn money from YouTube today. In addition to a minimum of a few hundred thousand views and more, you need to have a certain number of subscribers, i.e., people who follow your channel. In this topic, we’ll talk about a few ways you can make money on YouTube.

How Do I Make Money from My YouTube Channel?

When we talk about ways to make money on YouTube, the money is most often made from Google, i.e., through Google AdSense. Here’s how it all works:

AdSense will place ads on your YouTube clips. Whenever someone watches your video, an ad will pop up from the advertiser advertised or whose ad AdSense has placed on your video. It is also essential that the viewer clicks on that ad.

With each click, you get a certain amount of money. Earnings are a few cents per click. The more views, the more people will click on the ad, which means more money.

Create Your Own Channel

The first thing to do is start a YouTube account and determine which content will focus on your channel.

The concept of an attractive and not dull channel will certainly make viewers interested.

Monetize YouTube Accounts

To be able to obtain money from YouTube, we need to monetize the account. You do this by going to account information and then click Creator Studio on the left menu. Click Channel and Status and features, then select Enable Monetization and agree to the agreement.

To be eligible for monetization, a YouTube channel must have 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. After fulfilling the requirements, YouTube will verify by reviewing the originality of each video on the channel.

Connect with AdSense

Apart from income from the number of viewers, we can also get additional money from advertising. You do this by doing your associate and approved AdSense account to your YouTube account. Your earnings track can later be available on the YouTube Analytic feature. Your account can be paid after you complete and participate in the YouTube payment threshold.

Ads will usually start appearing on uploaded videos after monetization is activated, and YouTube has carried out further verification.

Endorse Cooperation

This is often referred to as endorse. You can collaborate with a well-known brand or someone who has a particular product. Through uploaded videos, we can do soft promotions even by including product links in the description column.

As we can see, many vloggers and YouTubers create review content about specific items.

If observed, YouTube channels belonging to famous Vloggers or YouTubers must have some advertisements. Sponsorship and promotions in the world of YouTube play an essential role in making money. If you want to make money from YouTube, one way is to find sponsors.

Selling Videos on Video Sales Websites

For beginner YouTubers, you can use a video sales website account to promote your channel. You do this by including a teaser form, which will be directed to your YouTube account to see the video’s full version.

Getting YouTube Watch Hours

Buy hours of YouTube views to increase your popularity on YouTube. If you want to legalize your YouTube videos, you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. On the other hand, watch time is significant in the ranking algorithm on YouTube. If you want to increase your earnings on YouTube, buy YouTube watch hours from InstaFollowers. Our goal is for you to be pleased by providing you with the best possible quality.


Through this article, we shared information about what you can and cannot do while monetizing your YouTube videos and the importance of watch time on YouTube. By creating a YouTube account, enabling monetization, approving an AdSense account, and making advertisements, you can earn a significant amount of money.

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