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Packing your house for moving is not an easy task and one that people tend to put off. DOn’t delay, get started on what you can pack and make the moving day far less stressful with this checklist from The Gaylord Box Exchange.


Fridge – 48 hours before you will move the fridge, it should be cleaned and defrosted.

Organize the dishes — Not as hard as you may think. Dishes should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in boxes. Make sure the boxes are not overloaded or this can result in an awful accident.

Glasses – Pack glasses in sectioned boxes.

Small appliances should be packed next — Remove all movable parts and tape the cord around the appliance. Be sure to include the instructions in packing and note the pieces disassembled.

Pack the Dry Goods —You can wrap the glass bottles and jars in bubble wrap and place them in boxes and pack extra newspaper in the boxes to keep them from moving during transit.

Refrigerated goods — these will have to be packed into coolers with ice.

Dining room

Pack up the table for transport

Pack the chairs — disassemble the legs and place all screws and bolts in a single clearly-marked envelope or plastic bag.

Roll up the rug — pack in plastic if desired

Decorations — take all pictures, wall mounts, lamps, art work and vases and pack them in bubble wrap and boxes for transportation.

Living room and den

Secure electronics —take down all monitors and TVs, wrap in a blanket to protect the screen and remove the base. Tape all the screws to the back of the device.

Pack up the Furniture — make sure furniture is the first thing to go into the moving van and place boxes in last. Remove the legs and disassemble the furniture as much as you can to make sure it is easier to maneuver.

Keep electronic leads organized. Make sure you take a note of all the cables and how they are connected to avoid confusion when you arrive at the new location. Draw a simple diagram before you disconnect all the hookups and carefully wrap cables and tape them together

Be Extra Careful with Artwork and Mirrors — the best place for these items is carefully wrapped in blankets and bubble wrap.

Prepare your coffee table for transport — carefully apply sliders to the legs so that there is no scratching when moving. A blanket should also be placed on the table to prevent it from moving.

Put furniture sliders under the legs so you don’t scratch the floors when you move it. Cover the top of the table with a blanket to prevent scratching.

Remove Bulbs from Lamps — carefully wrap lamp shades in bubble wrap and place them in the boxes. The base of any especially fragile lamps should be wrapped in bubble wrap as well.

Carefully Pack your books, CDs, and DVDs in separate boxes — avoid making any single box heavier than a decent 20 kilos or they’ll break or break your back.


Pack casual clothing — clean cloths should be folded neatly and placed in moving boxes. For formal wear that can’t be folded, you will need larger wardrobe boxes. This will allow you to ship the clothes in their hangers.

Organize your Jewelry — all the small items should be packed carefully with respect to their materials and details. Valuables should be kept in your personal possession during the entire move.

Pack Mattresses — place mattresses in large bags that will keep your mattresses from contamination and damage during the trip.

Keep all bedding and pillows clean — these can be placed in large trash bags to prevent them from contamination and then placed in suitable moving boxes.

Pack your home office — place all things that are super important in a secured box and oversee its transportation.


Pack toiletries together — you will need them to be in a place where you can access them easily in your new home so make sure that all your toiletries are packed where they can be accessed fast. The bathrooms are typically the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked.

Organize towels — pack the towels, soap and the toilet paper in a single box and add a few more rolls for the new location.

Laundry room

Move appliances — begin by unplugging the washer and dryer and completely disconnecting them from all the other connections. Tape all hoses and plugs in place for transport.

Detergents and cleaning supplies — Can’t be transported safely! So, plan to get rid of them, maybe a neighbor could use them?

Garage/storage shed

Pack lawn furniture cushions —Pack up the lawn furniture cushions and place them in black bags.

Dispose of hazardous materials — it is best to avoid transporting toxic chemicals, dispose of these properly.

Pack tools — for hammers and saws, wrap them in an old blanket.

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