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Websites are the primary face of the businesses in the virtual world. It is often the only source of connection between the organizations and their potential clients. The companies have the opportunity of resolving the issues of the client who visit their physical setup. However, they cannot convince the online users to stay on the site, even after facing some difficulty.

Colorblindness is a major issue for a significant part of the world population. The people suffering from it cannot view the websites the same way as a normal population, which undermines the quality of their experience. Therefore, the business organizations try to ensure all the important features on their website to satisfy the users and ensure their convenience in any situation.

This article aims to highlight some of the important ways to ensure user-friendly websites for the colorblind population.

Top 6 User Interface Designing Essentials for Colorblind People

Brand value holds significant importance for businesses. They try to promote the brand through appealing web design and reap the benefits. Web accessibility, which focuses on the convenience of the specially-abled users, requires them to pay closer attention to their UI design. It requires significant experience and expertise. 

The following are some of the tips and essentials that can help the companies in developing user-friendly website design for the color-blind population.

1. Use Contrast Textures and Patterns

The first design essential while creating a user interface for color blind people is to use contrast textures and patterns. The websites which appear catchy and attractive to the general public may not hold the same value for the colorblind population due to the design elements.

So, while designing the website, keep web accessibility in mind, and use textures and patterns along with colors. The color blind population will be able to understand through textures.

2. Avoid Specific Color Combos

There are different types of colorblindness. Some people are unable to identify the shades of red, some confuse shades of green, while others cannot identify shades of blue. Some people are totally colorblind and cannot identify any color besides black and white.

While designing your website, avoid the use of specific color combinations like green and black, green and red, green and brown, blue and green, blue and purple, yellow and green, and green and gray. The use of these combinations increases the confusion of color blind people.

3. Do Not Forget Symbols

One of the most important user interface design firms essential is not to forget the inclusion of symbols on the website. Most of the time, red is used as the color of warning or getting the attention of users on the website. A significant majority of the colorblind population cannot identify the red color.

Therefore, they may not be able to understand the warning you are communicating. The use of symbols will limit their reliance on the colors and help them understand the message or command as well. 

4. Prioritize High Contrast Colors

Another important user interface design essential that you should strictly follow in your websites is to prioritize high contrast colors. They are equally visible, as well as identifiable for the colorblind and non-color blind population.

The use of such colors will ensure the ease of all users, without any particular issue. Moreover, it will also be easier for website designers to ensure a safe design without any confusion.

5. Stay Minimalistic

An important tip that can help the websites garner the praise of the users while ensuring web accessibility of all is by staying minimalistic. The use of too many colors on your website will surely make it colorful. However, it may annoy a lot of users, while confusing color-blind users.

Staying minimalistic will rule out the possibility of confusion for the color-blind users and will present them with classic and attractive website design.

6. Go Monochrome

The last way of ensuring a user-friendly interface for the colorblind population is to go monochromatic. It may sound boring to you. However, it would appear classic and communicate your efforts to ensure web accessibility for the color-blind population.

Moreover, if you are specifically targeting the colorblind community through your website, it is best to use the monochrome scheme.

Unable to get a perfect interface design for color-blind users?

Well, it requires professional expertise, and you may not be able to ensure it by relying on the amateurs. The UAE is one of those countries which is ensuring website accessibility for all due to its creative workforce.

You can acquire the services of website design Dubai based organizations and get the websites that perfectly align with your vision and convenience of the colorblind population. You can also ensure to benefit from the experience of professionals, no matter where you are based in the world.

So, prioritize the safety and convenience of your users while getting the website designs and rely on the professionals for foolproof results. 

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