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1.From: OR to:

When using Gmail, you can use these shortcuts to direct mails to where they are going to or to know from where mails are from. When using the shortcuts you should make sure that there are no shortcuts after the colons.

Example: From Michael Jackson

Result: Messages from Michael Jackson, which Janet will likely ignore.

1.2. OR

This option will always allow you to search for messages that will include two or more criteria. It is used for extensive search of two or more articles that may contrast in details.

Example: to mike Paul OR James Francis

Result: Messages to/from either member of the Paul pair. James travelled to London, and Mike wants to know who is watching over the house.


See More: How to find anything in your www.hotmail.com.

1.3. –(hyphen)

A hyphen is used to exclude a specific term from your search. This is more useful when dealing or searching over a mail from a hundred of mails that may be of no relevance to you and you want to be more specific with the search results.

4. Has: attachment

This option is used to search for emails that have messages that have an attachment to them. Only mails that have attachments are highlighted on the search results.

Example: from juma Abdi has: attachment

Result: Only messages sent from juma that have to file attachments, this may sometimes tell us that juma outsources all email tasks to the other juma. This is close enough to the search results.

5. In: anywhere

This search will search for mails everywhere in your Gmail account. The search is done on all mails stored in the spam and also trash.

Example: in: anywhere from Alex Osama

-American journey

Result: messages contained in the Gmail account with the exception of those that contain the information regarding the American journey

6. After: OR before:

This search narrows down your search and your search will be defined between certain days. This only works using the following format yyyy/mm/dd.

Example: from James bond before: 2005/11/08 after 2005/12/21

Result: message from James confirming that the threat has been neutralised.

7. Is: chat

Used when looking for information sent in a chat when you chat on record.

Example: is: chat from Maggie candies valentine

Result: Chat message from Maggie that includes candies though the results may not narrow down completely.

8. Circle

This narrows down your search to a particular circle in your google+ account

Example: circle: creative


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