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We are pleased to present to you our PS5 guide in which we discuss the best way to fix the issue that won’t turn on.

What should you learn about PS5?

It is possible that the console isn’t functioning, and this could be caused by a number of reasons that include that of the power supply the software, HDMI cables and more To understand how to fix our console that does not start, we need take a look at the details given in the guide below.

What are the causes behind not being able to turn on the PS5?

One of the causes could result from overheating, there isn’t enough air flow, obstructions in the vents, and so on It is therefore necessary to ensure that the area where is the console will circulate air quickly and also be a reason for this problem is the operating system may create a delay in turning on the console. This happens when there is another storage device attached to the console. Even searching for the start-up in safe mode might remain inactive due to these reasons. To resolve the issue of Why Won’t Turn On issue, we’ll need the following information.

How to fix Won’t Turn On PS5?

In search of a way to resolve it? come on in PS5 we are going to find a number of solutions. They include the following:

  • The second is to manually restart our console when it is updated which will put us into mode of restarting, to do this you must hold down the power key on our PS5 for minimum 15 seconds, after which it will trigger the reboot, which we see a message appear on the warning screen.
  • The third: the solution the console is not turning on, so we need to insert an external hard drive into the console. It will start turning on by itself and for this, it is necessary to connect the power cables to console and insert the disk slowly until we can see it start to turn on. Then, it will automatically turn on. We can then take it out to see whether we can solve the issue.
  • The third option is to Connect the power cord to the PS5 and again, this will trigger a restart of the console in order to remove the corrupted data, thereby allowing to figure out how to fix the issue. the problem. The console is not turning on. To do this, we must first disconnect it from the power source, then must wait for about 30 minutes before we reconnect it then press the power button to check if it worked It is essential to ensure that the cable isn’t the issue.
  • The fourth is taking all the power from our PS5 will help us figure out how to fix the issue that won’t turn On. It can also mean the requirement of making the necessary adjustments before starting which is why we’ll hold pressing the power button for at least 10 seconds . the LED light is turned off and then remove the power supply behind the console. This will cause us to wait for 20 seconds before reconnecting the console and trying to restart the console to determine whether the issue is resolved.
  • Fifth: the solution to it not work It is essential to ensure the quality that we have HDMI cables. Therefore, it is recommended that they be replaced, as these IEC C7 Power cables work the same , and it could be due to a hardware malfunction of the PS5 Then, we take them from the back of our television and console, we can swap the ends and test the results, then connect it this way.
  • Sixth option: one of the ways to resolve it doesn’t start is to make restarting in safe mode. This involves switching off the console using the power button located on the front panel. Then, this button is held until we hear a second beep and then restarting it in safety mode. then connect the remote to the console and press the PS5 to connect with the console. Lastly, we select to start the console again in safe mode. Then we’ll be able to see what happens with our PS5.
  • Seventh: when we’ve exhausted all options for how to fix the issue, but it doesn’t switch on, we may select to restart our PS5 and this will result in the restoration of the default settings that the console used to have, it is crucial that in order to save the data we connect an external USB with a huge capacity and is FAT format. After that, we connect of this to our console, go to the settings and select the system to run the restore and backup. we choose the data we want to be stored next. In this case, we must the name of the backup, and then select backup. By pressing X it will begin to backup our information. once the backup process is finished, we’ll eliminate the USB drive. The next step is go into the console configuration in order to complete the initialization. It is necessary to decide to initiate PS5 and then complete it. It should be noted that we are not able to shut off the console in this procedure as it would be impacted by severe damage which cannot be repaired.

    In the end understanding how to fix the issue of Won’t turn on is paramount importance in order to restore to normal functioning in our PS5.

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