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One of the major reasons why the Call of Duty videogames are so popular in the gaming world is because of the many rewards you get to earn in it. A small thing that really makes a difference to the whole gaming experience is the camouflages that you get for your weapons. These camouflages make your weapons look cool and also reflect the kind of player you are because certain camouflages are won after completing a particular task or activity.

There are many camouflages available in the Call of duty games. The popular ones are Gold, Platinum, Damascus and Obsidian camouflages. Among these, the Damascus camouflage is the most sought after camouflage because of its unique look. Another reason why it is the most sought after camo is because it is rare and not very easy to achieve. You need to get the gold camo for the weapons in one particular category and then achieve platinum camo for all your base weapons. Only after doing this can you move on to achieve the Damascus camo.

To unlock the Damascus camo modern warfare you will need a lot of patience along with long hours of gameplay. To be precise, you will need 39 guns which means you will have to put in at least 702 hours of gameplay which is a lot. This may seem impossible for some people and if you find yourself unable to do this, then you can get a boosting service to do this for you. Here are a few things you should avoid while unlocking the Damascus camo.

  • Don’t start with the easy challenges first. Always start with the more difficult challenges because choosing the correct order will determine the speed with which you advance to the next level.
  • Don’t opt for your favourite weapon during the game, leave it out of thegame. This will enable you to gain momentum in the game. Try and not use your favourite weapon until the end of the game.
  • Not having a melee weapon can be a disadvantage. Always keep a melee weapon as your secondary weapon so that you can complete the challenges for these weapons on the side. This will help you save time.
  • Not choosing the correct attachments can set you back in your quest for Damascus. Having the correct attachments will enable you to get more kills accurately so that you get ahead in the game.
  • One of the most common mistakes is to not maximize the double weapon XP. Moving on to another level once you reach the maximum is excellent way to reduce the hours of grind that you need to unlock Damascus camo.
  • Not adapting your playstyle according to the challenge you have at hand will cause you to spend more time overcoming that challenge. Every challenge is different and require you to play in a specific way and the easiest way to win these is to alter your gameplay according to the challenge. Do those mounted kills or crouching kills if it helps you to win the challenge.

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