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All we have done during this lockdown is mostly scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Many people started using these social media as a medium of earning.  Few started e-commerce. Where some mesmerized us with their talent. But among us, some are struggling to get the trend. Boosted promotion is not easy for everyone. We are here to save your back.  

If you are thinking of ways to get some organic reach, start with this one.  

 Some Tips for Next Instagram Star: 

1: Use Hashtags Wisely: 

 Hashtags are Instagram’s basic searching AI.  These are a bunch of key words that bring posts of the same topic together. So using appropriate hashtags beneath your post will help you to attract the right audience. 

Now obviously you will want to know how to get some worthy hashtags. You can follow already trending topics of your niche and note what tags they are using under their post. how are they placing it? This is one good way to be on that list.  Every time someone searches that tag, your post will show up with big names.  

Otherwise, Google has made everything easier. Just search for ” Trending Instagram Hashtags 2020 ” and you’ll get a list of the top 20 or 50 hashtags used most this year. You can choose your one from it.  

  1. Post Videos of Specific Length: 

Well Instagram has two basic categories of video depending on their length

 short video: these are usually up to one minute long. You can add them both in the story and post on the wall.  

Long Video: These videos go under the hashtag Igtv. It is Instagram’s TV channel.  

To get the most reach you need to know how long can Instagram videos be for your expected audience. 

  1. Post Your Best Photo: 

Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing platform. So if you want to attract attention among the DSLR beauties, click a good number of pictures. Edit them and find the best one out. Instagram has loads of its filters, lighting, and editing tool. You can use them for free to create a better result.  

  1. Interact with Your Audience Regularly: 

Regularity is everything.  People will remember you when they catch you every other day. So rather than posting now and then, make a schedule and post accordingly.  This will also spare you monotony and keep you motivated to keep working on it. 

But only planning won’t help. Let your audience know about your posting schedule.  Keep it on the story or highlight of your profile. So that every time they visit you, they get a reminder.  

  1. Drop Sneak Peaks: 

To keep the audiences hooked to your content is the main challenge. Most probably you will not be able to create quality content every day. So you can post a little portion of ongoing work to keep the hype up. This will not only engage your regular audience but also increase attraction.  

  1. Answer Your Fans

When you’re finally posting something unique and catchy people will be interested. They will ask questions or give their views.  Take them in the count and show your audience that you are connected with them. The comment section is the best place for that. Read what they say and try to reply.  This is one straightway to establish a good fan base from the very beginning.

  1. Don’t Overdo It: 

Less is more always. You will get thousands of filters and millions of effects. But among everything, keep your originality intact. Because that’s what will attract the crowd. Be confident in yourself. Show what you got to show. Modify, but do not misguide.  


Boosting posts is a good way to get immediate attention. But if you are a horse of a long race, you need to get a hold of the stream and learn how to use it to your benefit. These tips will help you to learn, analyze, and grow. Wish you good luck. 

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