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Whether you’re seeking to purchase a used Irish car or a used UK vehicle, you should verify the vehicle’s history to become acquainted with its past. By contrast, a car check-in in Ireland operates similarly to a vehicle history check in the United Kingdom; however, not all vehicle history checking businesses provide both. 

This post will address some often asked and critical issues concerning a car check Ireland provides. How is it different from a vehicle history check in the United Kingdom? Is the Irish registration check more expensive than the UK registration check?

UK vehicle history report vs Irish vehicle history report

The car check analysis will reveal the secret history of the vehicle, assisting purchasers in making an informed decision and indicating whether the vendor is a shady one. The UK report details the vehicle’s history in the United Kingdom and enables you to determine whether the vehicle was previously registered in Northern Ireland. 

The only distinction you may notice is that an automobile inspection in Ireland refers to NCT (National Car Test) rather than MOT (Ministry of Transport). Both are roadworthiness inspections required for cars older than three years (vehicle owners need an NCT after four years in Ireland).

The free automobile check reports in the United Kingdom disclose the vehicle’s history, which is described as the following information:

  • MOT status and expiration date
  • Tax status of a vehicle
  • Date of registration and age of the vehicle.
  • At the time of the most recent MOT test, the odometer reading (miles) was recorded.
  • Basic information on the car.
  • Each year, the anticipated total cost of vehicle operation.
  • Economic and environmental characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Data on the vehicle’s performance.
  • MOT history is complete, including failure and advisory warnings.

You would obtain these data if you conducted a complimentary car check. Select the comprehensive car inspection. Additionally, you will learn about the vehicle’s write-off status, outstanding financing, number plate changing history, mileage difference, stolen history, and prior owner history.

Irish vehicle checks prices: The basic inspection for a UK vehicle is completely free, whereas the full vehicle check is only £8.95. But on the other hand, if you utilize an Irish check portal, you may pay between €25 and €35 for the complete report. 

Bear in mind that crucial inspections are not available for Irish vehicles in the same way for UK vehicles. For example, Irish reports frequently contain a Prior Taxi/Hackney Inspection, typically not included in the UK vehicle inspection.

Is an MOT issued in the United Kingdom valid in Ireland?

Because the UK is no longer a member of the European Union, an MOT in Ireland is no longer valid. As a result, every private car imported to Ireland four years or over is required to pass the National Car Test (NCT) on the date of registration in Ireland.

Checks to make before purchasing an Irish/UK automobile include the following:

  • Inquire about the vehicle’s history and the number of previous owners.
  • Check to see if the car has been declared a total loss.

When conducting a car check in Ireland, keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear on the vehicle. It includes inspecting the vehicle’s wheel arches, tires, oil level, and seatbelts. If you discover any issues, either seek an explanation from the vendor or pull away from the transaction. 

Determine all conceivable dangers by verifying the odometer count and any paperwork gaps. Conduct a thorough background check on any vehicle before seeing it. This may be accomplished entirely online. If there are any outstanding debts on the car, the history check will reveal them. 

Additionally, it will tell if the vehicle has ever been involved in a collision and was declared a total loss by the insurance company if it has had one or more plate changes and the vehicle’s mileage.

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