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Would You Travel to The UK and Invest in Living Close to These Iconic Views?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term a progressive country”? Or what do you think are the most important aspects of a country? Adding in another question, what do you believe differentiates a developing country from a developed country? Maybe some of the things you may have thought of include a strategic plan, a good economy, an effective educational system, or a good international reputation. All of these are correct, while there are many other factors too.

A Good Economic Strategy

There are various development plans working towards improving the economic condition of a country. For example, they aim to enhance the existing industries of the country or open new business opportunities for the citizens and welcome investors. An example of this could be the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

Educational sector

Providing adequate education throughout the country is extremely important. A country with an overall good literacy rate improves living standards, helps people move out of poverty, have access to better job opportunities, earn higher incomes, and overall improve the country’s economy.

A country with an educated population tends to have better research centers, more developments, and advancements, as well as an overall good impression internationally. An example of this would be how the countries coming up with the vaccinations for COVID-19 are being recognized.

Employment Opportunities

Sometimes a country may have more job seekers than jobs available. This imbalance causes many people to remain unemployed and fall into poverty. Thus, it is essential for a country to have various employment opportunities or work towards producing more jobs for potential seekers.


Industrialization brings more job opportunities, promotes education, improves living standards, increases productivity, and acts as a booster to the country’s economy. 


It is vital to have good tourist spots and safety ensured when promoting tourism. Taking an example, if one wishes to visit Saudi Arabia and Explore the kingdom, they will first search for the tourist spots available there. Having the best tourist spots will encourage tourists to visit and spend in your country, which will contribute to the economy.

In order for a country to progress, it is essential that it has all of its sectors being worked on and progressing as well. A country with an excellent educational system, health and medical sector, industrialization, job opportunities, and an overall good economy is the one that advances.

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