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How To Grow Your Facebook Business Page Audience By 257% In 2018 <![CDATA[]]>

How To Grow Your Facebook Business Page Audience By 257% In 2018 Facebook, the king of social media, has a lot to offer for everyone. From big brands like Amazon and Apple Inc. to small businesses like a restaurant, everyone can take advantage of Facebook’s massive user base. As of 2018, Facebook has a user count of almost 2.5 Billion. According to the latest study, an average person spends 45 minutes of his time scrolling through his news feed on Facebook. With right strategies and tactics, you too can cater your services to billions of Facebook users and increase your sales and revenue. But to reach out to the potential customers, you must have a Facebook business page. With a Facebook business page, you can interact with your audience and understand what their requirements are. There are several other advantages of a Facebook business page.  A Facebook business page helps you to create a good reputation for your brand in the market. It also allows you promote your products to a broad audience without having to spend a massive amount of money on those huge hoardings and posters. For a successful business, you must have a Facebook business page with a vast audience. However, getting a Facebook business page audience is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a hell lot of time to acquire a decent audience for your page. If you too want to build a Facebook business page for your business or brand, then you are in the right place. We are going to tell some tips and tricks which will help you to grow your Facebook business page audience by up to 257% in 2018. So let’s start…

  1. Using Facebook Adverts
Facebook Advertisements are still the best way to increase the audience of your Facebook Business Page. Facebook ads help you to target the right audience for your products and services. Many have reported that Facebook Ads have developed their business to reach new heights. They are getting more likes on their Facebook business page and more site traffic on their landing page. Also, Facebook Ads are an affordable option. For a mere 50 dollars, you can promote your page to almost 6.5 thousand people. You can even choose whether you want to promote your Facebook business page for people who have already liked your page or other new users. For more information about Facebook Advertisements and how to use them to increase your revenue see, “11 Ways Facebook Advertisement Can Bring You 9 Times More Revenue This year.” (Hyperlink this to the post with the same title) make money from Facebook facebook  
  1. Your Website
You can add a Facebook like and share button or box on your website which will allow your site visitors to land on your Facebook business page. This process of reverse marketing is known as remarketing.  
  1. Using Native Videos on Facebook
Facebook’s algorithm gives more priority to native videos than the embedded videos. Thus, using native videos might not be a that bad idea. However, to make it useful, try to keep the video short and crisp. TBH, no one has the time to watch a 5-minute long video. The optimum length of a video advert should not be more than 2 minutes.  
  1. Connect your profile to your page
Connecting your profile to your page enables your profile visitors to land on your Facebook Business Page without having to ask about it.
  1. Promoting Your Page
  You can boost your page reach by suggesting your page to your friends and asking them to recommend it to their friends. This will help you to gain a broad audience without having to spend any money. check this also Earn Money From Facebook Page
  1. Using Video Ads
As we’ve already told you, Facebook’s logarithm prioritizes video ads automatically. For a Facebook user, it is more likely to see a video ad than a simple picture ad. Thus, using a video advert can help you to reach out to far more number of users which will eventually grow your Facebook business page audience in a short period of time.  
  1. Use other Social Media Platforms
Don’t just keep your business confined to Facebook. Several other social media platforms are equally relevant. You can share your Facebook business page on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Quora.  
  1. Interact as your Page
  Instead of using Facebook with your own profile, try to spend more and more time on Facebook with your page’s account to interact with other users. You can also comment on posts by other pages in the similar business (not your competitors of course) to draw more people to your page.  
  1. Build Brand Image
Instead of focusing on tactics to grow your audience, you can also work on building an excellent reputation for your brand. By creating a brand image, you can make the audience reach out to you (instead of you trying to connect with the audience).  
  1. Contests
  You can hold contests like giveaways on your page. Giveaways have been very useful in growing the audience of business pages. Everybody loves free stuff. You can take advantage of this to draw people to your page. However, you should keep in mind that fake giveaways will deteriorate your brand image might result in the fall your business. So, whenever you make any promise to your customers, be it any giveaways or any offers, make sure you keep your promise.  
  1. Using Hashtags (#something)
You should be aware of the latest trends in social media and follow those trends wisely to attain the attention of Facebook users. You can use popular hashtags or create new hashtags of your own. However, don’t overuse them. Use of hashtags should be limited to 2 and not more than that.    
  1. Great Content
Apart from the tactics and strategies, content still plays the primary role in deciding in deciding the success of your page. If your content is good enough, your Facebook business page audience will grow organically.   Conclusion So, these were some of our tips for you to increase your reach to the Facebook users. If you follow these tips wisely, you can help you to grow your Facebook business page audience by up to 257% in 2018.  ]]>

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