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Which is Better to Buy iPhone X or One Plus 6 ?

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When you are looking to buy a better phone for your daily use and activity which should be smart and efficient enough for the tech savvy world. You find yourself much confused between 2 phone as per present scenario, they are Apple iPhone X and One Plus 6 ( Latest launches of Apple & One Plus).

Both are from different brand and with respective features so giving a hypothetical conclusion won’t help in this situation, and for your aid we have a feature list compare between the iPhone X and the One Plus 6 which will surely help you to choose your next mobile gadget.

Operating System One Plus: Android, v8.1 (Oreo)

Operating System iPhone X: iOS, v11.1.1

Feature: Screen Resolution

Apple iPhone X :1125 x 2436 px

OnePlus 6 :1080 x 2280 px

Around 11% a bigger number of pixels than OnePlus 6. More determination implies more keen and crisper screen.

Feature: Octa Core CPU

Apple iPhone X :Hexa Core

OnePlus 6 :Octa Core

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More centers result in better parallelism, which means more errands can be prepared in parallel without backing off the User Interface.

Feature: Faster CPU

Apple iPhone X :2.39 GHz

OnePlus 6 :2.8 GHz

Around 17% speedier CPU than Apple iPhone X. Quicker CPU implies more smooth experience.

Feature: RAM

Apple iPhone X: 3 GB

OnePlus 6: 8 GB

Around 166% more RAM than Apple iPhone X. More RAM implies more applications can keep running in the meantime, which makes the gadget quicker.

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Feature: Bigger Screen

Apple iPhone X: 5.8 inches

OnePlus 6 : 6.28 inches

Around 8% greater screen than Apple iPhone X. Perusing, perusing web and watching films is all the more satisfying experience on a greater screen.

Feature: Better Camera Resolution

Apple iPhone X: 12 MP

OnePlus 6 :16 MP

Around 33% more super pixels (MP) than Apple iPhone X. More determination by and large means better picture quality, however it’s not generally essential.

Feature : More Storage Capacity

Apple iPhone X: 64 GB

OnePlus 6: 128 GB

Around 100% more inbuilt memory than Apple iPhone X. More memory enables you to store more tunes, recordings, photographs and introduce more applications.

Feature: Better Battery

Apple iPhone X: 2716 mAh

OnePlus 6: 3300 mAh

Around 21% more Battery Capacity than Apple iPhone X. With more battery estimate, gadget’s battery can by and large last additional time, however it relies upon different factors as well.

Feature: Fingerprint Sensor

Apple iPhone X: No

OnePlus 6: Indeed

Unique mark sensor bolster enables you to rapidly open your gadget utilizing your unique finger impression.

Feature: Supports DLNA

Apple iPhone X: No

OnePlus 6: Indeed

DLNA standard empowers simple sharing of music, photographs, and recordings over wifi. You can stream video from your DLNA upheld gadget to your DLNA TV through WiFi.

Feature: 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Apple iPhone X: No

OnePlus 6: Indeed

Having 3.5mm Jack empowers you to interface with expansive number of different gadgets, (for example, speakers) having 3.5mm Port.

Feature: Face Unlock

Apple iPhone X: Indeed

OnePlus 6: No

Face open help enables you to rapidly open your gadget utilising your face.

So the facts are very clear, we still suggest you to choose the gadget as per your personal usage and utility.

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