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How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Employees

No matter how successful your business product or service is, it’s the employees who have the power to change your business — for better or for worse. If you want your business to succeed long-term, and have the effective manpower you need, caring for your employees is a top priority.

Looking to improve the relationship between employer and employee is important for flagging and solving problems, and for a more communicative workplace overall.

6 Signs the Working Relationship May Need Improvement

  1. Employee absences or lateness have increased
  2. You find it difficult to communicate with your employees
  3. They find it difficult to communicate with management
  4. There isn’t enough opportunity to gain feedback or have conversations
  5. Employees have openly expressed their issues
  6. You sense a lack of productivity or disgruntlement

These, of course, aren’t all the possible signs, but they’re key examples of what could be good indicators that working relationships and communication need to be improved.

How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Employees

Schedule Regular One-to-One Meetings

Regular meetings and appraisals are key opportunities for you and your employees to discuss their progress, the working relationship, and more. One-to-one meetings are important because they allow employees to speak as individuals and also for you to connect with them as individuals.

Not only will this help you to both work more in tandem with each other and discuss key progress, but it will also allow employees to feel heard and appreciated.

Make Sure the Proper Procedures are in Place

This is important for both you and your employees. Employees need to feel protected, understood, and know what to do in certain situations. Likewise, employers need to know how to handle difficult situations and treat their employees fairly in line with legal obligations.

Take the time to develop policies such as employee handbooks, health and safety guidance, and HR options. You can also explore risk mitigation opportunities to better understand your position as an employer when it comes to caring for your workforce.

Be Flexible

Employees are only human, which means last-minute emergencies, problems, or illnesses can always happen. For a more positive relationship, employees can react positively to employers who have flexibility and understanding about a variety of issues. If your business has room to be flexible in terms of shift patterns or when employees need to be in the office, it’s a good idea to take advantage of that.

Whether it’s an employee needing to change a shift, needing to leave early for an emergency, or fulfill appointments like childcare and doctor’s appointments, flexibility will always be appreciated.

If changes aren’t possible, it’s important to still take the time to listen and respond to employee queries. Even if you can’t make a change, they will appreciate that you listened and understood.

Pay Attention to Them as Individuals

This can naturally be more difficult the larger a business you have, but it will make a difference if you can incorporate this wherever possible. Take the time to converse with employees on a personal level, remembering details about them and applying it to things like corporate gifts. Instead of impersonal employee gifts, for example, you could take more time to show your appreciation by something they would personally like.

Follow these steps to improve your employee/employer relationship today.

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